Wyoming (WY) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Though cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine exist in a relatively large supply throughout the state, the illegal drug situation in Wyoming is comparatively stable. Most law enforcement and prevention advocates agree that Wyoming’s collective substance abuse problem has not reached crisis proportions. The majority of Wyoming’s illegal drug supply originates in Mexico, and is smuggled in through Colorado, Chicago, and California via private and commercial ground transportation. Methamphetamine outranks every other illicit substance in scope and popularity, with the exception of marijuana. Crack and powder cocaine are obtainable in the state’s urban areas, but are increasingly limited in their availability. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities are scattered throughout the state’s vast landscape to help the state’s addicted population get the help they need. One of the last relatively undisturbed American landscapes, many believe that it’s simply a matter of time before drug trafficking organizations from all major markets take advantage of Wyoming’s secluded and largely unregulated position. If their predictions are correct, it’s certain that more WY drug and alcohol rehab facilities will be needed.

WY Drug Rehab

There are numerous quality drug rehab programs to help patients defeat their dependencies. Whether you’re battling methamphetamine addiction, are one of the state’s many illegal prescription abusers, or suffer from any other substance abuse issue, there is a program for you or your loved one. The best facilities will work to identify the origins of your dependency, and help you effectively manage the mental disorder that led to your initial cycle of abuse. In-depth psychological analysis combined with a thorough professional detox is the best combination for lasting recovery and wellness.

WY Alcohol Rehab

Though it’s the least populated state in the union, Wyoming is home to a large concentration of underage drinkers. In 2010, it was estimated that 41 percent of traffic fatalities in the state were alcohol-related. Alcohol rehab programs exist to help residents put their alcohol dependency behind them, and return to their lives. The most important part of the recovery process is the ability to maintain sobriety through an alcohol-free lifestyle after the patient has completed formal treatment. These facilities equip patients with the strength to do so. Relapse is only one drink away.

WY Detox

As methamphetamine and cocaine are the two dominant drugs in Wyoming, it’s imperative that detox professionals have an expert understanding of the withdrawal process from those two drugs, and all others. Patient comfort and wellness should be the primary goal of any detox program. The expulsion of substance abuse-related toxins from the system can yield harrowing withdrawal symptoms. Job number one of the professionals administering detox should be keeping patients safe and comfortable so they can continue residential rehab, and avoid relapse.

WY Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is unquestionably the most commonly abused drug in Wyoming. However, due to it’s non-lethal nature many regard smoking marijuana as a comparatively safe substance abuse behavior. Marijuana abuse impairs judgment, diminishes brain activity and cognitive abilities, and has been linked to the development of other more serious addictions. Although the state is home to a healthy supply of domestically grown higher-purity product, a majority of the state’s marijuana supply comes from Mexico through California, Illinois and Colorado.

WY Cocaine Addiction

Most, if not all, of Wyoming’s cocaine supply comes from Mexico. Once it reaches the state from states such as California and Illinois, it’s converted into crack and sold primarily in urban areas. Though the demand for crack has dramatically decreased in recent years,  cocaine addiction continues to account for many of the state’s rehab admissions. Local control is shared among miscellaneous drug trafficking organizations and criminal groups. Crack distribution and addiction are major contributors to violence and certain areas.

WY Methamphetamine Addiction

If there is a substance abuse threat of which law enforcement officials and prevention advocates in Wyoming should be mindful, it’s methamphetamine addiction. Independent distributors cook up small runs of high-purity product in unsanitary clandestine laboratories, while Mexican criminal groups keep pushing their variety into the state from established source-markets. Methamphetamine addiction has led to a correlating wave of child abuse, domestic violence and other criminal activity. Though lab seizures were common a few short years ago, they’ve begun to taper off. Methamphetamine arrests and drug rehab admissions in Wyoming exceed those of any other drug.

WY Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has become a major problem to which nearly every portion of the state’s population is currently vulnerable. The most popular illegal prescriptions in Wyoming are OxyContin, Xanax, hydrocodone, Lortab, diazepam, and methadone. Common causes include doctor-shopping, unregulated Internet sales, theft, and abuse of a legitimate supply. Affecting residents of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, abuse of pharmaceuticals has moved to the top of the list of illicit substance threats in Wyoming. Pain management clinics and illegally diverted prescriptions from Mexico are also contributing factors.

WY Club Drug Abuse

Confined largely to the state’s colleges and universities, abusing club drugs is popular among teenagers and young adults. Used to describe MDMA (molly), GHB, PCP, LSD, and ketamine, the term "club drug" refers to these drugs' intrinsic link with rave and nightclub culture. Wyoming’s club drug supply comes primarily from the West Coast and Canada. At the local level, it’s controlled by miscellaneous gangs and independent criminal groups. The drugs are most often abused in social situations and combined with alcohol and marijuana. Ecstasy is the most popular of the club drugs in Wyoming.


Although Wyoming is in a much better position than other states regarding the abuse and trafficking of illegal drugs, it still has its fair share of problems. Drug and alcohol rehab programs in Wyoming were born out of necessity, and continue to get regular patients looking for help with their addiction. Methamphetamine and cocaine still plague many regions of the state, while unabashed marijuana abuse and cultivation continue to be a problem for local and federal law enforcement. Without a comprehensive plan to proactively arrest these problems, they will likely grow, and continue to threaten residents’ safety and wellness.

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