Washington (WA) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Washington’s close proximity to the Canadian border makes it vulnerable to unabashed smuggling of various illicit substances. The state is home to an unbelievably large domestic methamphetamine industry (the third largest in the nation), and boasts an abundance of crack and powder cocaine. Cities such as Seattle, Vancouver and Spokane have a considerable amount of Mexican “brown” and “black tar” heroin. The lion’s share of Washington’s illegal drug supply is controlled and distributed by Mexican and Hispanic drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). Imported and domestic methamphetamine and marijuana are wildly popular and easily accessible. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities have been established throughout the state to counteract the effects of this widespread problem. In addition to hosting a high population of addicts and abusers, the state of Washington serves as a vital and thriving distribution center for shipment of narcotics all over the Pacific Northwest and West Coast. Mexican heroin and crack and powder cocaine are the leading, but not only, causes of local rehab admissions. A variety of independent dealers control local traffic.

WA Drug Rehab

Most drug rehab programs in Washington are administered in quality facilities staffed with compassionate addiction care experts. Their years of experience and thorough training allow them to identify the deep-rooted factors that contributed to your dependency, and treat your mental disorder as well as your addiction. The diversity of Washington’s illegal drug problem has created a crisis atmosphere in which addiction care professionals have to be at their absolute best. As a result, numerous quality facilities have been developed to help you or your loved one get the necessary help.

WA Alcohol Rehab

Economic disparities in some of Washington’s formerly industrial towns have created a wave of depression and corresponding alcoholism. The need for alcohol rehab doesn’t stop there, however. It’s estimated that more than 10% of local eighth-graders regularly drinks of one kind of liquor or another. Alcohol abuse affects every portion of Washington’s population and claims 5,000 lives per year between drunk-driving, liver failure, and suicide. The good news is the state has numerous facilities that will provide quality detox, in-depth psychological counseling, and help developing strength to resist alcohol once patients complete formal treatment.

WA Detox

Detox is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of treatment and rehabilitation. It’s the process by which substance abuse-related toxins are expelled from the system, and the physical aspects of addiction are treated. The withdrawal process during detox can be incredibly difficult, and should be managed by an experienced detox professional. Local detox facilities are staffed with dedicated, compassionate and experienced professionals that will put your comfort and safety at the forefront. Many patients endeavor detox on their own, and run a heightened risk of relapse and other serious consequences by doing so.

WA Cocaine Addiction

Though crack abuse and distribution is limited largely to the state’s inner cities, crack addiction continues to pose a problem for a considerable portion of the state’s population. Not only has the drug led to a seemingly endless number of rehab admissions and fatal to near-fatal overdoses, the crime and poverty that it’s brought with has led to violence and gang-land activity. There’s also been a rash of border-smuggling from Washington to Canada, the yearly quantity of which Canadian police say exceeds 24 tons. Cocaine is more expensive in Canada than the United States.

WA Heroin Addiction

The main types of heroin found in Washington are Mexican “brown” and “black tar.” It’s smuggled in through California and the southern states, and is controlled at the local level Hispanic gangs and miscellaneous criminal groups. As of late Southeast Asian heroin has been exhibiting a stronger presence in the state, and is responsible for an increasing number of rehab admissions due to heroin addiction. Heroin is moved into and throughout Washington primarily via private and commercial automobiles. The bulk of the inventory comes from California and Mexico.

WA Methamphetamine Addiction

Like most other states, Washington currently finds itself in the throws of a statewide methamphetamine abuse epidemic. The lion’s share of Washington’s methamphetamine inventory originates in Mexico and is funneled into the state through areas like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Texas and Arizona. The problem is compounded by the development of smaller clandestine and unsanitary laboratories that cook up limited amounts for regional distribution. Seizures of some of these labs have only put a band-aid on the problem. Methamphetamine addiction is now a leading cause of drug rehab admissions statewide.

WA Prescription Drug Addiction

OxyContin is the most commonly abused pharmaceutical in the state of Washington, and the leading cause of prescription drug addiction statewide. Others include diazepam, Lortab, Xanax, methadone, and hydrocodone. Physician forgeries, pharmacy robberies, Internet sales, and improper use of a legitimate supply are all great contributors to this problem in Washington, and around the rest of the country. Mexico and Canada have also flooded the Washington market with fake and illegally diverted prescription drugs. Pain management centers that blindly prescribe prescription medication to their patients are also culpable.

WA Club Drug Addiction

Washington is home to a burgeoning club drug market where MDMA (molly), GHB, PCP, LSD, and ketamine are all available in ample supply. Historically confined to the state’s nightclub and rave cultures, club drugs have spread to a majority of the state’s colleges and universities, and even some of its high schools. These drugs originate primarily in Europe, and are smuggled in through Canada. It’s commonly shipped through the postal service and Federal Express. Molly continues to be the most popular drug in Washington.


Methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin all pose serious and urgent threats to the residents of Washington state. Illegal prescriptions are also an increasingly dangerous problem for nearly every portion of the state’s population. Domestic and foreign marijuana is the pre-cursor drug for many who later find themselves battling a more serious addiction problem. Heightened institutional intervention that combines treatment of victims, enforcement toward distributors, and the development of more drug and alcohol rehab facilities would be the best and most effective way to curtail this trend.

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