Virginia (VA) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Virginia, and the rest of the mid-Atlantic for that matter, has historically been a thoroughfare for drug money, weapons and all other manner of contraband. The region is also home to a large and diverse illegal drug market, of which cocaine and heroin have been the kings for years. Methamphetamine abuse and distribution have dramatically increased over the past twenty years, while various prescriptions threaten young, old, poor and wealthy residents. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities have sprung up in every region of the state to counteract the deluge of illegal drugs that come over its borders every day. Virginia’s stretch of Interstate 95 has provided distributors and drug trafficking organizations of all backgrounds almost unlimited opportunity for shipment of illegal substances. The violence that has accompanied Virginia’s illegal drug trade is yet another to reason to re-examine current local rehab efforts, and adjust strategies accordingly. Mexican criminal groups and Hispanic drug trafficking organizations are the primary suppliers of narcotics to Virginia, and are culpable in the increase in addiction and substance abuse currently plaguing the state.

VA Drug Rehab

There are quality drug rehab options throughout the state for residents who have lost their way, and need residential or outpatient help in beating their substance abuse problem. These programs are staffed with compassionate addiction care experts who will treat the physical and emotional aspects of your problem. Patients who are aware of the factors that led to their addictions are better equipped to maturely confront their underlying issues, and maintain their sobriety. Virginia substance abuse victims need to know they have options, and that it’s not too late to get help.

VA Alcohol Rehab

Virginia residents fall into a pattern of alcohol dependency through innumerable factors. Whether it’s inherited, stress-induced, or brought on by an untreated pattern of prolonged drinking, addiction to alcohol is a tragic reality for far too many Virginia residents. Whatever situation drove to this self-destructive behavioral pattern, there are numerous alcohol rehab programs throughout the state. Most of these programs will help provide in-depth psychological examination, and help the patient develop the power to resist relapse once they complete formal treatment.

VA Detox

Detoxification or “detox” may be the most important and delicate step in the recovery process. It’s the process by which residual toxins that have accumulated through prolonged substance abuse are expelled from the body. The withdrawal process experienced during detox can vary depending on length of addiction, and the type of drug to which the patient is addicted. In any case, it’s crucial that the withdrawal be managed and monitored by experienced professionals. A bad experience in detox can send a patient spiraling into relapse, and permanently sour them on further recovery options.

VA Marijuana Abuse

Like many other states, Virginia is home to a booming domestic marijuana market; however, the bulk of Virginia’s marijuana originates in Mexico and is smuggled in through New York and DC. Local production and distribution are highest during the summer season, when growth conditions are ideal. The state also sees a healthy supply of a higher-purity product from Canada. Marijuana abuse is the most popular form of substance abuse in the state, and is commonly cited as an introduction into a more dangerous pathology of addiction.

VA Cocaine Addiction

Perhaps just as dangerous as the addictive and fatal properties of cocaine addiction are the related violence and gangland activity that has spawned in many of the state’s major cities. Virginia’s illegal drug market is home to an ample amount of cocaine that is consistently replenished with product supplied by African-American gangs and Dominican drug trafficking organizations. Crack addiction has infiltrated most of the state’s urban areas, as well as many of its neighborhoods, and is responsible for an increasing amount of drug rehab admissions in the state.

VA Heroin Addiction

Although not as common in the state’s rural and suburban areas, the impact that heroin addiction has had on the state’s major cities and metropolitan areas is impossible to ignore, and has placed heroin right alongside cocaine as one of Virginia’s most deadly and immediate drug problems. Heroin has started to establish itself as a preferred drug for upper-class young adults. The majority of Virginia’s supply is procured through sources in Washington, DC. The Richmond and Tidewater areas are the two spots where Virginia heroin abuse is most common.

VA Methamphetamine Addiction

The past ten years have seen a dramatic decrease in local methamphetamine addiction rates, thanks mostly to institutional and law enforcement efforts. Clandestine laboratories, once ubiquitous and lucrative, are now scarce and limited in their activity. Virginia’s meth inventory is supplied by Mexican drug trafficking organizations, and comes in primarily from Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and California, where lab activity is still thriving. Distributors at the local level are miscellaneous independent dealers with connections to source areas and suppliers.

VA Prescription Drug Addiction

OxyContin is unquestionably the most popular illegal prescription in Virginia. Other drugs include Vicon, Xanax, Lortab, and Diazepam. Dishonest doctors, pharmacy robberies, personal theft, abuse of a legitimate supply, and Internet sales in which a genuine prescription is not even required are the primary contributors to prescription drug addiction. Illegally diverted drugs from Canada and Mexico are also huge contributors. Prescription drug abuse affects every portion of Virginia’s population, from the teen who steals their parent or guardian’s pain pills, to the overworked executive who assumes he can handle taking more than what was prescribed.

VA Club Drug Addiction

Club drugs are so named for their association with nightclubs and rave culture. The term is used to describe MDMA (molly), GHB, PCP, ketamine, and LSD. Club drugs have gone from social enhancers at parties and nightclubs to a widespread epidemic that has invaded colleges and high schools. Abusers are almost exclusively teenagers and young adults, as are distributors. Molly is the preferred club drug in Virginia, and is gaining rapid popularity in the state’s rural regions. Club drugs are increasingly common cause of rehab admissions.


Heroin and cocaine continue as the two major players in the Virginia illegal drug market, while prescription abuse inflicts an increasing amount of pain and damage on residents of every background. Methamphetamine addiction has, for now been essentially arrested, however law enforcement officials continue to keep a close eye on the situation. Without the benefit of a clear, focused, and realistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab, healthy residents will continue to become casualties the addiction, crime, and poverty these illegal drugs bring.

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