Pennsylvania (PA) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

International and domestic drug trafficking organizations have long exploited Central Pennsylvania’s geographic location in the distribution of various illegal drugs. This area, commonly referred to as the “crossroads,” is at the forefront of illegal drug shipping to the entire country. Pennsylvania has become the Grand Central Station of the Northeast illicit drug trade. With substances like cocaine and heroin dominating the state, Pennsylvania is constantly facing new threats in this on-going war. Under attack from both foreign cartels and homegrown insurgencies, law enforcement is consistently outpaced by the criminal element. The massive size of Pennsylvania alone mandates an all-encompassing approach to drug and alcohol rehab.

PA Drug Rehab

Due to Pennsylvania’s large size and population, there are a diverse array of personalities, which are prone to many different types of addiction profiles. The reasons and behavioral pathologies that lead to addiction are too many to count. Addiction is a problem that requires a nurturing, recovery-oriented solution. A successful approach to drug rehab begins with the establishment of more drug rehab centers. For those who simply cannot wait, it is important to pick the best possible option from the existing prospects. We will help navigate the choppy waters of addiction recovery research, and match you with the best rehab facility.

PA Alcohol Rehab

Whether it is the steelworker drinking a bottomless beer at the end of a long shift, or the frazzled executive with his hand glued to his scotch glass, alcoholism in Pennsylvania has many faces. This is why it is imperative to find the alcohol rehab program that addresses your specific needs. Pennsylvania has alcohol rehab programs situated all over the state. They will examine you on an individual basis, and take the most fitting course of action to help you get better. The volume of treatment facilities throughout the state can pose confusion to the patient. Call us today, and we will make sure you find the alcohol rehab program most conducive to your lasting recovery.

PA Detox

Every reputable drug and alcohol treatment center recognizes that detox is the first critical step in your treatment. A detox program managed by qualified medical personnel will make all the difference in your attitude throughout recovery and your chance for success. Detox is most successful when managed by compassionate and attentive physicians who are ready and able to treat any withdrawal symptoms and eventualities. Call us today. If you seek detox in Pennsylvania, we will help you find the best program for you.

Major Drug Threats

Pennsylvania continues to experience booming cocaine and heroin markets. The violence and crime often associated with these drugs has turned once charming and endearing towns into wastelands. Cocaine and heroin abuse continue to grow, while marijuana and ecstasy abuse are more prevalent than ever. Many of Pennsylvania’s areas are in dire need of drug reform. This starts with more treatment centers and recovery options.

PA Cocaine Addiction

Data shows that cocaine is Pennsylvania’s most popular drug. Coming into the state primarily through New York City, cocaine is also reportedly being shipped right into Philadelphia from South American source countries via partner companies in Europe. Although its prices have increased, and it is diminished significantly in purity, law enforcement officials have consistently listed cocaine as chief among their illegal drug concerns in Pennsylvania. With the arrival of this cocaine epidemic has come an influx of violent street-gangs who wish to control it. The abuse of crack cocaine has brought a corresponding onslaught of poverty, human trafficking and prostitution into Pennsylvania’s urban areas.

PA Heroin Addiction

Despite law enforcement’s best efforts, they have not been able to eradicate the heroin problem plaguing the state. There have been intermittent victories, but Pennsylvania's drug rehab centers still list heroin addiction as one of the main causes of admission. Much like the cocaine trade in Pennsylvania, heroin is shipped primarily through New York and has brought a wave of violent crime via Hispanic drug trafficking organizations. The problem is facilitated by heroin’s recently declining prices and increase in quality. In an encouraging display, however, citizen action groups and volunteer collectives are assembling to stop the distribution of heroin in their neighborhoods and towns. Bulk shipments of heroin are often stored in the state’s rural counties.

PA Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana’s universal appeal places it among the more popular drugs in the state. Smuggled in primarily through the southern parts of the country, Chicago and California, it can be found all over: cities, suburbs, farms, etc. Believed to be a comparatively benign substance, it has come to be abused by all walks of life from young professionals to adolescents to senior citizens. It is especially popular on Pennsylvania's many college campuses. It is transported mainly via ground transportation, and is distributed by many different cultural elements including African-American, Caucasian and Jamaican drug trafficking organizations.

PA Club Drug Abuse

The inner-city areas with a heavy concentration of nightclubs have seen a significant and alarming rise in the abuse of molly, GHB and LSD. To make matters worse, these "club drugs" have also managed to infiltrate Pennsylvania’s innumerable college campuses. Controlling distributors of club drugs include Israeli, Russian and Chinese drug trafficking organizations among others. Canada has recently been reported as a large supplier of ecstasy. Philadelphia has one of the highest rates of club drug abuse, getting the bulk of their inventory from New York City. Domestic distribution tends to take place among college and high school students with expendable monetary resources.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Law enforcement involvement and the prosecution of irresponsible and unscrupulous physicians have thankfully led to a decline in prescription drug abuse in Pennsylvania. However in many cases, abusers are just trading one drug for another as certain drugs become easier to obtain. In any case, there is still much work to be done. Pennsylvania should foster a simultaneous attitude of enforcement and treatment. The first step is building more treatment centers in the areas that truly need them.


Pennsylvania’s vast landscape continues to be a main artery for illegal drug shipment and distribution. Sporadic law enforcement victories have offered glimmers of hope, however the creative methodology of drug trafficking organizations combined with the sheer volume of illegal drug threats in the state make the eradication of the substance a continuous uphill battle. Pennsylvania needs more treatment facilities to counteract existing and future illicit substance abuse threats.

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