Oklahoma (OK) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

The Oklahoma illegal drug market is home to a wide variety of illicit substances. Abusers have access to an ample supply of crack and powder cocaine, Mexican “black tar” heroin and internationally smuggled, as well as domestically produced, methamphetamine and marijuana. Like most states in the region, methamphetamine is the undisputed king of Oklahoma substance abuse, and the leading cause of drug and alcohol rehab enrollment. Other illegal drug threats facing the state include unabashed diversion of illegal prescriptions; rising ecstasy abuse along with other club drugs, juvenile alcoholism; and crack cocaine abuse in the state’s urban areas. Oklahoma’s major highways, specifically interstates 40 and 44, provide an open route for smuggling of illegal drugs from region to region, and to outlying states. Oklahoma has been established as a major shipment source to the eastern region of the United States. Its section of interstate 35 also provides easy access for shipment to the north and the south. Without an institutional plan in place that combines enforcement with the development of more OK drug and alcohol rehab facilities, the state’s population remains vulnerable to all kinds of illegal drug addiction.

OK Drug Rehab

Oklahoma patients looking to safely, discretely and successfully overcome their dependency on drugs can seek help at one of the many quality drug rehab facilities in their area. Most of these centers are staffed with experienced and compassionate addiction care specialists that will use a number of proven modalities in the pursuit of your lasting mental health. No matter what circumstances led to this point, there are numerous treatment options in Oklahoma for patients and their loved ones. The state’s diverse illegal drug situation has been met with many specialized programs.

OK Alcohol Rehab

The percentage of young adults addicted to alcohol in Oklahoma is steadily growing. Quality and results-driven alcohol rehab is needed to reverse the damaging effects of juvenile alcoholism before it’s too late. The battle of beat alcoholism is one fought daily, and one continued after rehab. Unlike other substances, alcohol is often consumed in plain sight, and is legally available to those who are of age. This means that the resolve of the recovering alcoholic is tested more than perhaps any substance abuse victim. The best alcohol rehab facilities will help you to avoid or resist alcohol upon completion of your program, and returning to your normal life.

OK Detox

Quality detox is available to any Oklahoma resident who wishes to enter recovery. This non-negotiable first step in the rehabilitation process involves the expulsion of addiction-related toxins from the system. Patients who successfully complete detox are exponentially more likely to enjoy long-term recovery without the pitfalls of relapse. When researching detox options, be sure to have a friend or a loved one assist you. A hasty or lazy choice can have irreversible consequences and cause unnecessary pain. The withdrawal process can be incredibly taxing on the body and the spirit, and should not be encountered without the benefit a professional to handle any medical emergencies, and mitigate pain and illness.

OK Marijuana Abuse

Domestic cultivation of marijuana was common practice until drought conditions drastically impacted growth capabilities. While local producers and distributors saw a huge blow to their inventory, there is still regular growth on many of the state’s more fertile farmland. Foreign marijuana is controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations and smuggled into the state via commercial and private automobiles over the southwest border. Oklahoma officials have taken a tough stance against marijuana abuse, even going so far as to allow the spraying of crops with pesticides. On the other end of the debate, legislation to legalize marijuana for medical purposes has never gotten off the ground.

OK Cocaine Addiction

Crack and powder cocaine have grown to be a problem in almost every region of Oklahoma. The bulk of Oklahoma’s cocaine supply is brought in through Texas by Mexican and American drug trafficking organizations. It’s primarily converted to crack for local distribution, which is controlled by Hispanic and African-American criminal groups. Certain neighborhoods in Oklahoma City and other metropolitan regions have seen, first-hand, the effects of cocaine addiction in the form of violence, gangland activity and plummeting property values.

OK Heroin Addiction

Heroin is still a rather scarce drug in Oklahoma, and can only be acquired in certain regions, however heroin addiction still accounts for significant portion of local rehab admissions. The main variety of heroin found in Oklahoma is the Mexican-produced “black tar.” Law enforcement efforts have forced even more of a decline with raids of passenger vehicles and private homes-two popular hiding spots for distributors. Colombian white heroin has also been spotted occasionally, but is still extremely rare in comparison to Mexican product.

OK Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is the drug of choice for most of the state’s addicted population. It’s smuggled in through Texas and other southern states by Hispanic cartels via air ground transportation, and is commonly abused by middle-class Caucasian males and females. The state is also facing a crippling domestic production problem in which homegrown methamphetamine is cooked up in clandestine laboratories throughout the state. Despite dedicated efforts by law enforcement to reverse this problem, including the recent seizure of two super labs, OK methamphetamine addiction and distribution continue to be the state’s number-one illegal drug threat.

OK Prescription Drug Addiction

Vicodin, Lortab, Demerol, Dilaudid, Percodan and diazepam are the prevailing illegal pharmaceuticals in Oklahoma. Unlike most states, where it is the dominant prescription in, OxyContin is only now starting to invade the state’s illegal drug market and contribute to the rate of prescription drug addiction. The most common causes of this dangerous cycle of behavior tend to include doctor shopping, theft, unregulated Internet sales and improper use of a legitimate supply. Illegal prescriptions are responsible for a staggering number of substance abuse rehab admissions in the state.

OK Club Drug Abuse

Eastern and central Oklahoma are experiencing an explosion of club drug addiction. Drugs like MDMA (molly), GHB, PCP, Ketamine, and LSD are so named for their close association with rave and nightclub culture. Teenagers and young adults are the main targets for club drug addiction, and often abuse them in conjunction with alcohol and other pills. Club drug abuse has been growing steadily for the past decade in Oklahoma and has started to infiltrate colleges and high schools. Molly remains the state’s most popular club drug.


Methamphetamine and cocaine are the two most serious illegal drug threats in Oklahoma. Illegal prescriptions are poised to create another serious substance abuse epidemic for state law enforcement. Without the development of a comprehensive strategy that incorporates distributor prosecution, patient advocacy, and more drug and alcohol rehab facilities, it’s likely that all of the progress the state has made will be completely derailed. If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse in Oklahoma, you can get help at one of the state’s many quality treatment facilities.

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