Ohio (OH) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Ohio has become the site of a thriving illegal drug market. With marijuana, cocaine and heroin leading the charge, the state’s law enforcement has had to significantly increase efforts to curb the problem. The rising number of addictions combined with a corresponding spike in violent crime, has rendered the development of rehab centers a necessity. Crack and cocaine abusers are getting younger and younger, while heroin continues to increase in popularity. To make matters worse, a number of chemical companies in Ohio are believed to be involved in the theft and smuggling of supplies for methamphetamine production. Ohio has one of the youngest substance abuse populations in the country, with teenagers and juveniles accounting for a large percentage. The development of more rehab facilities is crucial in shrinking this statistic.

OH Drug Rehab

The number of drug rehab centers in Ohio has risen dramatically in the past ten years, but the current and emerging threats facing the state require the development of even more. With many parts of Ohio’s cities already fostering violent and addictive climates, and foreign drug trafficking organizations threatening to consume the whole state, a bilateral approach of enforcement and treatment is precisely what the state needs to counteract these impending dangers. A concentration of addiction care centers where they are most needed would be an excellent starting point.

OH Alcohol Rehab

Between the college campuses and the myriad economic problems that Ohio currently faces, alcoholism is an increasingly serious threat. The state is already home to a number of quality centers, but recent research has indicated that more are needed, specifically in the cities. Alcohol abuse spans a wide range of ages, mandating the increased development of alcohol rehab centers in different, and previously unthreatened areas of the state. If you or your loved one cannot wait, let us match you with the right option now.

OH Detox

The illegal drug threats plaguing Ohio are many and varied. This means that a variety of quality detox programs must be set up to meet the needs of the diverse population of addicts. There are many detox facilities already established to administer compassionate and quality care to help you rid the residual toxins from your body. These facilities are staffed with professionals who are well-schooled in the withdrawal process for all drugs. You cannot realistically expect to successfully complete a rehab program unless you first undergo detox. A clean physical slate and a positive attitude are two of the best weapons against relapse. If you or your loved on is currently battling addiction in Ohio, let us match you with the right detox program so you can start winning the fight.

Major OH Drug Threats

Marijuana, crack and powdered cocaine and heroin are the most prevalent drugs in Ohio. However, recent arrests and admissions indicate an alarming rise in prescription and club drug abuse. Crack and powdered cocaine have been responsible for a spike in violent crime in Ohio’s cities, while domestic methamphetamine production continues to increase in the suburbs. With the escalating number of illicit drug choices flooding Ohio, both enforcement and treatment are needed.

OH Marijuana Abuse

Consistently the most widely abused illegal drug in Ohio, marijuana is so popular mainly because distributors and abusers regard it as a benign substance. The state’s farmland continues to be an ideal growth spot, contributing greatly to domestic production, while Mexican cartels are finding ways to smuggle it in from the southern states. To make matters worse, sophisticated cultivation methods such as hydroponics are now widely used to facilitate in-door growth. Quantities range from ounces to kilos, and bulk shipments are frequently sent and received from Ohio via various local criminal consortiums. Abuse of Marijuana in Ohio typically starts as early as the age of ten, and often leads to other substance abuse problems.

OH Cocaine Addiction

Both crack and powdered cocaine have decimated many of Ohio’s cities. Not only have they led to an alarming number of admissions, arrests and fatalities, but they have also brought in gang warfare, and a criminal element that the state had never previously seen. Controlled primarily by Dominican and Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the Ohio cocaine trade runs largely on shipments from the southern states, with Chicago acting as the primary distribution hub. Crack abuse far outweighs that of the powdered variety, making the problem that much more dangerous. Movement of the drug within the state is done largely through ground transportation via private automobiles and the trucking industry.

OH Heroin Addiction

Ohio is one of the only states in the union where heroin abuse is increasing. Accounting for more and more rehab admissions, heroin is constantly tightening its grip on Ohio’s citizens. Historically imported from Mexico, increasing demand has gotten the attention of Southeast Asian, Colombian and Afghan distributors. Heroin is another drug that has brought with it an environment of violence and gangland territorialism.

OH Methamphetamine Abuse

More and more homegrown methamphetamine lab busts are being conducted each year in Ohio. The domestic “mom-and-pop” production of the drug has led to a rash of theft and burglary from pharmacies and chemical companies. Many supposed legitimate chemical distributors have gotten in on the act as well, turning methamphetamine abuse and distribution into an illicit and institutional issue. Controlled and transported by Mexican drug trafficking organizations and local motorcycle gangs, the drug has come in from major cities on both coasts. Although the federal legislature has banned the use of ephedrine (a main ingredient in methamphetamine production) in over-the-counter cold remedies, Ohio continues to battle an abuse problem.

OH Club Drug Abuse

Ohio’s Caucasian middle-class population has started to more frequently abuse club drugs. Substances like molly (MDMA), LSD and GHB are the drugs of choice for those heavily immersed in the state’s club culture. Confined largely to cities, club drugs have also started to infiltrate Ohio’s college campuses. Unlike other illicit substances, club drugs are mainly brought in by European distributors, with Canada also contributing to the problem. Ecstasy has consistently been the most popular in the family for Ohio citizens.

OH Prescription Drug Abuse

The primary means of illicit prescription distribution continues to be unscrupulous physicians writing false scripts, and theft from legitimate patients. OxyContin is the most preferred prescription drug to abuse, accounting for a majority of prescription-related rehab admissions. Other prescription drugs commonly abused in Ohio include hydrocodone, methadone and Xanax. Emerging intelligence indicates that prescription drugs are invading new portions of Ohio’s population including different age brackets and ethnicities.


Efforts of law enforcement and treatment specialists in Ohio continue to fall short in the face of existent and emerging illegal drug threats. The amount of illegal drug choices now available in Ohio means that officials must be mindful of future threats, while stepping up their efforts to combat current ones.

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