New York (NY) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Sharing a border with Canada and housing one of the most diverse and heavily populated cities in the world, New York has become one of the main entry-points and breeding grounds for illegal drugs in the United States. Foreign Drug trafficking organizations take advantage of Manhattan’s ports and two international airports, while at the same time smuggling in marijuana over the northern border. Couple this with the economic disparity within the five boroughs and the domestic threats in the projects, and you have an illegal drug problem of epidemic proportions. An abundance of New York drug and alcohol rehab centers are needed to catch the fall-out of this climate of addiction, and aid those who truly seek lasting recovery. New York City can be considered a microcosm of the rest of the world. Home to the richest, the poorest and everything in between, the variety of drugs available on New York’s streets mirror its diverse bloc of citizens. Examination of the complex economic and cultural reality of New York in conjunction with the creation of more drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are the best ways to combat this problem.

NY Drug Rehab

Unfortunately New York has become one the states with the most diverse illegal drug inventories. Such a deluge of addictive substance requires the continued establishment of local drug rehab centers. Studies are being conducted every minute to determine where these centers would be the most effective. The tragic results of these analyses are that treatment centers are needed in more areas than ever before. New York has already started to try and beat back its illegal drug problem with a vast index of different rehab programs. There are facilities for people of every economic background, addiction profile, cultural background, etc. They are all over the state, from NYC to the Canadian border. If you or a loved one is seeking recovery in New York, tell us about your problem and we will pair you with the best drug rehab facility.

NY Alcohol Rehab

Ranked among the highest in the nation for power lunches and happy hours, New York has no shortage of places to get a drink. New York alcoholics range from the businessmen and women sipping scotch in the early morning to “dollar-can nights” for laborers, students and the homeless that continue well after midnight. Alcoholics need rehab choices that are as diverse and plentiful as their backgrounds. Thankfully there are many already in place that understand the social aspect of alcoholism and offer behavioral modification methods that help you cope after detoxification and therapy. These rehabs are your best ally as you re-enter the world and face the challenges in a post-recovery environment. Let us help you find the one that best suits your needs.

NY Detox

Home to some of the world’s finest medical facilities, you are generally in good hands should you endeavor to detoxify in New York. There are a number of reputable rehab programs that begin with a safe, sterile and comparatively comfortable detoxification process. These regimens are carried out by qualified staff that uses state-of-the-art methodology to completely rid your body of residual toxins. It is still important however to do diligent research when choosing the best detox program for you or your loved one. Call us now so we can aid you in your search.

Major Drug Threats

Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine and crack are some of the most popular illegal drugs in New York. Their use continues to grow, year after year, while other newer drugs infiltrate the state’s borders and neighborhoods. New York-based drug trafficking organizations basically control the entire Northeast drug-trade, and are gaining more ground by the day. Stretching as far as Maryland and Illinois, they are operating via new mobile technology and taking advantage of New York’s mass transit and shipping industries. They are also developing immunity to current law enforcement methods.

NY Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has permeated almost every aspect of New York culture. Consistently supplied by Colombian drug trafficking organizations, the vast urban network through which cocaine is distributed in New York starts with bulk shipments via ground transportation from southern border-states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Once safely delivered, the shipments are broken up and sold for dealer-to-consumer distribution. In addition to the traditional street sales, small businesses such as restaurants and groceries are now getting in on the act. Recently authorities have reported an increase in private delivery of cocaine via car services. Most of the cocaine trade in the rest of New York is controlled and manipulated by factions in the city. Data indicates that cocaine-related arrests and seizures are on the rise statewide.

NY Heroin Addiction

Among the most popular illicit drugs in New York, heroin comes into the city primarily through South American drug trafficking organizations via cargo planes and commercial airliners. It is then transported throughout the rest of the state via ground transportation. Often sold in bundles of ten bags for $100, heroin has become a dangerously affordable means of substance abuse and is an increasingly common cause of admission to New York drug rehab programs.

NY Methamphetamine Abuse

Contributing to the New York illicit drug problem is the escalation of methamphetamine abuse. Once a relatively minor problem in this particular state, New York rehab centers have reported significant yearly increases in the number methamphetamine addiction admissions. While historically confined to select sub-cultures, methamphetamine distribution has become instrumental in the practices of many New York motorcycle gangs, who ship it upstate and to other parts of the country. Although not many dramatic seizures have been reported in recent years, data indicates that the number of homegrown meth labs has increased.

NY Marijuana Abuse

Preferred among teenagers and adolescents, the marijuana trade continues to thrive in New York. Brought in primarily through Canada and the south, marijuana has maintained a consistent presence in this state. Old-world organized crime families, as well as new and emerging international and domestic drug trafficking organizations all share a role in the local marijuana trade, considering it to be a comparatively safe yet lucrative business. It is transported mostly via air and ground vessels.

NY Club Drug Abuse

New York City houses more nightclubs than almost any other American metropolitan area. With the booming nightlife has come an underground culture revolving around the abuse of a whole new family of illicit substances. Drugs like molly, GHB and LSD are all major players in the New York illegal drug market. Club drugs have infiltrated New York college campuses, and are now being imported from factions in Europe. Domestic distributors tend to be upper-middle class Caucasian young adults.


New York faces new drug threats on a consistent basis. In addition to the traditional dangers that have plagued the empire state, prescription abuse is also quickly becoming a trend, with drug and alcohol rehab centers reporting more and more admissions. The number of factors that figure into combating the illegal drug epidemic in New York can be daunting. A certainty, however, is that ridding the state of this addiction culture relies heavily on the emergence of more treatment centers.

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