New Jersey (NJ) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Situated between two major cities, New Jersey’s geography, wealth fluctuation and shipping and flight capabilities have become a perfect recipe for a statewide illegal drug problem. Home to an international airport and countless commercial shipping venues, New Jersey’s war on drugs must be waged on an economic, enforcement and treatment front. Security coupled with a comprehensive approach to New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab have become a necessity, as the state battles drugs and the crime that they perpetuate in the both the north (most notably Newark) and the south (most notably Camden). Elements from New York and Philadelphia, as well as outside of the country have flooded New Jersey with a wide array of illegal substances, facilitating heightened accessibility for all. In a state where you can walk twenty minutes outside of a wealthy suburban neighborhood and find yourself in a seemingly forgotten slum, it is a little wonder that New Jersey finds itself on the defensive against so many different substance abuse threats. International drug trafficking organizations from Mexico, Columbia and the Dominican Republic continue to move in on New Jersey’s borders, while the shore and nightclub scene become havens for marijuana, ecstasy and other designer drug use and distribution. It is a situation that demands immediate attention.

NJ Drug Rehab

Considering the amount of procuring, abusing and distributing illegal drugs in New Jersey, there needs to be an even greater amount of local drug rehab options. In the current age, a child from the suburbs has just as easy of a time buying drugs as a life-long hardened criminal. While there could, and should, be more treatment facilities to combat this rapidly escalating problem, New Jersey currently offers a number of reputable drug rehab centers to help you or your loved one with your problem. Those committed to the garden state’s fight against this epidemic have done their part in establishing quality options to help you get back on track. We can help find the best drug rehab treatment for you.

NJ Alcohol Rehab

Between the shore, the bars and the casinos, New Jersey has always been an easy place to get a drink, and a hard place to avoid one. Thankfully there are a variety of local alcohol rehab options that help deal with this tidal wave of temptation. Among other components they will stress the importance of behavioral modification, the lessons of which the patient can use in social settings where it might be hard to say no to a drink. Finding the center that best matches your needs can be a challenge, particular when you have been trying to get better all on your own. Allow one of our experienced staff to pair you with the best rehab option.

NJ Detox

Should you choose to get help with your addiction in New Jersey, you can rest assured that this state is home to some of the world’s best hospitals. The detoxification period is crucial to lasting recovery, and every patient wants their withdrawal symptoms to be managed with professionalism and warmth. There are several detox options available to anyone brave enough to start the first day of their recovery. We will help you find them.

Major Drugs

The drug threats facing New Jersey are as diverse as its population. With people of all backgrounds succumbing to addiction, there are new and emerging threats in addition to those already on the authorities' radar. Marijuana continues to be a problem of massive proportions, while cocaine, illegal prescriptions and steroids pose a larger threat than ever before. There also exists a larger-than-ever crack and heroin problem.

NJ Marijuana Abuse

Favored overwhelmingly by teenagers and adolescents, marijuana continues to dominate New Jersey's illegal drug market, with foreign elements shipping it in from the Canadian border, and domestic distributors growing it in their own bedrooms and backyards. A majority of the larger busts have occurred at Newark Airport and large private farms in the southern region. The most ubiquitous drug among Jersey youths, it's transported via every conceivable vessel, sold openly on a continuous basis and carries a relatively light sentence for first-time and even second-time offenders. One of the largest threats that accelerates marijuana proliferation is the amount of New Jersey citizens who grow it in their homes.

NJ Cocaine Addiction

Distributed mainly by Colombian and Dominican factions, cocaine in New Jersey is reaching more people than ever before. Home to Newark International Airport, New Jersey has been tapped more and more as a mid-point and destination for international cocaine distribution. Ground and water transportation also play huge roles in its infiltration into the state. During the past decade, Mexican groups have been instrumental in bringing cocaine to New Jersey and surrounding areas. It is gradually outpacing marijuana as the drug of choice among teenagers, and is responsible for a growing number of rehab admissions.

NJ Methamphetamine Abuse

The New Jersey methamphetamine market is mostly domestic. With the rapid emergence of homegrown product made in people’s homes, methamphetamine use and distribution has led to a number of robberies and assaults in an effort to acquire materials to make the drug. Although it is not as serious in New Jersey as it is in other regions, methamphetamine has been listed as the principal cause of admission to rehab by an increasing number of patients. While it has been confined to urban areas of the state, studies indicate that the suburbs are housing more and more makeshift meth labs.

NJ Heroin Addiction

Heroin has become one of the most popular and dangerous drugs in New Jersey. Over the past 20 years, heroin has only gotten cheaper and purer as Colombian and Caribbean factions continue to flood the state with their product. There has been a spike in emergency room visits for heroin overdoses and other heroin-related problems, along with the number admissions to rehab for heroin addiction treatment. Heroin is cheap, dangerous and almost immediately addictive. The airports, courier outfits and trucking industry in New Jersey have provided easier-than-ever transport opportunities for wide-scale distribution.

NJ Club Drug Abuse

New Jersey is home to innumerable nightclubs, bars and universities. College campuses and nearby clubs have become a breeding ground for new kinds of "club drugs." For the past decade, the use of drugs like molly, GHB and LSD has been on a rapid incline among students and young adults. Often used to heighten the experience, club drugs have been huge in the rave culture since their inception, however they now threaten suburban teenagers, adolescents and other groups. Dealers and abusers are mostly middle-class and affluent suburban kids who use colleges and even high schools as sales venues.

NJ Prescription Drug Abuse

A larger problem in New Jersey than many other states, prescription drug abuse can come about through a variety of circumstances. Many of New Jersey’s colleges have highly competitive athletic programs in which athletes unwittingly force themselves into dependence while taking medications from a past injury. Another cause is simply suburban boredom. New Jersey being one of the most affluent states, per capita, teenagers and adolescents get bored and distracted very easily and take their parents and relatives’ prescriptions without them knowing. Whatever the cause, emergency room visits for prescription drug abuse have risen dramatically over the past five years.


New Jersey remains vulnerable to the illegal drug trade on both a foreign and domestic front. With rich teenagers getting more and more party and prescription drugs, Airports and courier outfits being used as cocaine and heroin pipelines, and marijuana still the reigning champion of illegal drugs in New Jersey, it is more important than ever to build more treatment centers that offer a realistic and productive approach to local drug and alcohol rehab. One of the most diverse states in the union, drugs are pouring into its major cities, small farms and suburban homes at an alarming rate.

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