Nevada (NV) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Las Vegas and Reno have garnered Nevada a worldwide reputation for vice and excess. Its gambling, nightlife and entertainment culture have given people from all walks of life a sort of oasis where they can lose their inhibitions for the entire length of their trip. Unfortunately this has given drug trafficking organizations from all over the world abundant opportunity to stake their claim to what is arguably one of the world’s most thriving illegal drug markets. It’s difficult to determine what the most popular drug in Nevada is, as the state is home to a booming inventory of practically every illegal substance. Nevada's drug and alcohol rehab facilities are filled with victims suffering from every addiction problem. In addition to serving as an incubator for substance abuse and addiction, Nevada also serves as central distribution hub methamphetamine, cocaine, and an increasingly larger inventory of other drugs. Areas outside of Las Vegas, Reno and other supposed “hot spots” are battling their illegal drug problems including basement methamphetamine labs and domestic marijuana gardens, making rehab facilities a statewide necessity.

NV Drug Rehab

There are many different kinds of drug rehab that have been designed to adequately combat the reality of the state’s diverse substance abuse problem. Most Nevada rehab facilities are staffed with compassionate addiction care experts who implement a diverse range of treatment modalities in the pursuit of patients’ victory over their dependency. Facilities are situated all over the state, so that residents of every region can get the help they need. There is hope for all addicted Nevada residents, no matter what the circumstances of their problem.

NV Alcohol Rehab

When looking at places like Las Vegas and Reno, it’s easy to see how people fall into alcoholism when living in Nevada or even just visiting for an extended period. In a state where fortunes can be won or lost with a simple roll of the dice or a turn of card, the ups and downs of Las Vegas lend themselves to heavy drinking…and the miles and miles of bars indicate that the state is happy to oblige. Fortunately, there are numerous quality local alcohol rehab programs where patients can repair the damage into which they’ve unwittingly fallen with the help of experienced mental health professionals. Here patients can have the benefit of deep and personal psychological evaluation, and advice for post-rehab sobriety and success.

NV Detox

Detox is the first step to any successful rehab. It involves the patient purging their body of the toxins and harmful chemicals that have gathered from addiction or substance abuse. The withdrawal process patients must endure during detox can be extremely straining on the body and spirit, and must be monitored by a team of professionals. There are numerous detox facilities across Nevada in which patients can get clean in as safe and comfortable a manner as possible. They’re staffed with experts to handle medical emergencies, and manage the pains and illnesses of the withdrawal process.

NV Marijuana Abuse

The amount of domestic product available, coupled with the abundance of the Mexican-smuggled variety, makes marijuana one of the most ubiquitous illegal drugs in all of Nevada. Recent state legislation enabling residents to obtain marijuana for medicinal purposes has made marijuana abuse that much easier to engage in. Las Vegas has seen a dramatic increase in indoor cultivation, while Mexican product continues to flood the market. Marijuana is moved through Nevada via commercial and private automobile, and is controlled at the local level by various ethnic criminal groups.

NV Cocaine Abuse

Crack and powder cocaine are common and easily accessible in almost every area of the state. Nevada’s cocaine supply originates in Mexico and is brought in through California. Once it reaches the state, part of it is shipped north for local distribution, the rest is moved south, mostly to Las Vegas for distribution to outlying states. Cocaine addiction is responsible for a considerable percentage of the state's drug rehab admissions each year. Crack is a particularly serious problem in the southern half of the state, and has brought a heightened culture of violence and criminality to many of the state’s major cities.

NV Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is increasing statewide at an alarming rate. The most common variety of heroin in Nevada is Mexican “black tar.” Analysts suggest a correlation between the influx of illegal immigrants and the increase in heroin abuse and distribution in the state. There is now also an ample supply of Southeast Asian heroin in Nevada. Heroin is moved in and out of Nevada via private and commercial automobile. Mexican criminal groups often use migrant workers as unwitting or coerced couriers. Heroin addiction is quickly becoming one of the state’s more serious illegal drug problems.

NV Methamphetamine Addiction

Experts have reported that methamphetamine is the most dangerous and immediate illegal drug threat in Nevada. Between Mexican drug trafficking organizations smuggling foreign product into the state and homegrown laboratories producing limited runs of higher-purity product to sell in their respective region, methamphetamine addiction can be considered the state’s most serious substance abuse issue. Law enforcement officials have reported that product seizures are increasing in size, often reaching pound quantities. Despite legislative efforts to ban pseudoephedrine, a primary chemical in the production of methamphetamine, distribution and abuse continues.

NV Prescription Addiction

Oxycontin, Valium, Xanax, Vicodin and Lortab are the most common abused prescriptions in Nevada. A rapidly escalating problem that knows no cultural or economic stereotype, prescription drug abuse is most often the result of dishonest physician practices, pharmacy or personal theft, improper use of a legitimate supply, unregulated Internet sales, and pain management clinics where patients are given medication regardless of their medical or addiction history. Nevada prescription abuse victims are getting younger and younger, and are put further at risk by fake prescriptions from Mexico.

NV Club Drug Addiction

It should come as no surprise that Nevada can very be considered the capitol of club drug abuse. Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, is home to a thriving and plentiful inventory of every club drug: MDMA (molly), GHB, LSD, PCP, Ketamine, etc. Outside of the Las Vegas and Reno, these drugs pose a considerable threat to the state’s college and high school students. Club drug addiction has been further strengthened by the state’s entertainment industry, and is responsible for a staggering percentage of drug rehab admissions in all of the state’s regions. The number one club drug in Nevada is molly, which comes primarily from southern California and NYC.


What happens in Vegas, unfortunately doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Nevada continues to be a major distribution hub for surrounding states. Methamphetamine is now believed to be Nevada’s most serious drug problem, even though the state is also home to an alarming crack cocaine and heroin epidemic. Illegal prescriptions are abused by practically every bloc of the state’s population, and club drugs pose a continued danger to Nevada’s youth. A state so fraught with substance abuse issues, needs to have in place, a comprehensive plan beginning with more drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

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