Montana (MT) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Methamphetamine and marijuana are the two most common causes of enrollment in rehab in Montana. The state is also battling a growing cocaine addiction problem, with wholesale amounts of the drug dramatically increasing. Though Montana is one of the few states in the Union where officials have managed to significantly stem the growth of illegal drug abuse, production, and distribution, there still remains a healthy substance abuse climate in most of its regions. The abuse and sales of club drugs such as molly is another escalating problem of which officials and treatment advocates are mindful, with the drug continuing to infiltrate the state’s younger population. Recent data illustrates an increase in local drug and alcohol rehab admissions. Most illegal substances available on the Montana illegal drug rehab market are smuggled in through outlying states by Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). These organizations also control distribution for parts of the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. Miscellaneous smaller organizations also smuggle drugs, particularly prescription medications and club drugs, in over the Canadian border.

MT Drug Rehab

The state’s fierce methamphetamine and marijuana problems are cause enough to bolster its treatment initiatives; add budding illegal prescription and cocaine epidemics, and one can clearly see the need for heightened drug rehab efforts. Most of Montana’s existing drug rehab facilities have personnel that are equipped to deal with every addiction profile, and successfully manage patients’ dependencies. They’ll also offer outpatient treatment options for patients who can’t logistically afford to disrupt their lives for the time it takes to complete a residential program. Outpatient treatment is only recommended for less severe substance abuse cases.

MT Alcohol Rehab

Montana is home to numerous quality alcohol rehab facilities where expert staff and compassionate addiction care professionals work with patients to address the root causes of their alcoholism through in-depth behavioral counseling and psychological exploration. Patients will also develop invaluable coping and resistance skills for a life after rehab. One of the top priorities of any alcohol rehab program should be preparing patients for those post-rehab circumstances where interaction with alcohol is inevitable in social situations.

MT Detox

Every course of substance abuse treatment begins with a thorough and professional detox. Detox is the process through which the body expels all of the toxins that have build up in patient’s systems through a protracted course of substance abuse. One of the most important aspects of any detox program is the professional and compassionate management of withdrawal symptoms. Detox is said by many to be hardest and most uncomfortable part of the treatment process. This is why patients should choose a program with personnel equipped to deal with the pains and illnesses of withdrawal from all drugs. Be sure to enlist the help of a loved when choosing a program, and never attempt to detox on your own.

MT Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana abuse is the most common illegal drug-related behavior in Montana, and according to many, is responsible for the subsequent substance abuse that lands patients in a more serious pattern of addiction. The marijuana that comes through Montana primarily originates in Mexico, with limited runs of purer product coming in from Canada. Recent data indicates that almost half of the state’s high school population has used marijuana at some point in their lives. For many, abuse continues well into their adulthood, and becomes a constant throughout their lives.

MT Cocaine Addiction

While historically limited primarily to the Billings area and other urban environments in the state, crack and powder cocaine have managed to slowly infiltrate Montana neighborhoods to the point where over ten percent of the state’s youth population have admitted to using cocaine at one point or another. The majority of cocaine that finds its way into Montana arrives from Washington and the southwestern states via Mexican cartels. Crack is the preferred method of consumption for the state’s addicted population. Cocaine addiction is responsible for an increasing amount of the state’s rehab admissions.

MT Heroin Addiction

Thankfully officials have not encountered a serious heroin presence in Montana, and addiction is limited to a small population in the state’s major cities. The limited supply of heroin that can be found in Montana is actually declining, illustrating even more progress toward the drug’s total eradication from the state. The most common variety of heroin found in Montana is Mexican “black tar” heroin. It’s shipped in by Hispanic cartels mainly through Los Angeles and various parts of Texas. Officials have also seen a decline in trafficking and sales of the drug.

MT Methamphetamine Addiction

Domestic production in clandestine suburban laboratories combined with smuggling from Mexican criminal groups has made methamphetamine addiction the most immediate and dangerous illegal drug problem in the state. Local distributors produce high-purity product in limited, yet sufficient quantities that perpetuate a strong and lucrative domestic methamphetamine market. Montana methamphetamine producers tend to be younger to middle-aged Caucasian suburbanites. They produce small runs for personal consumption and statewide distribution.

MT Prescription Drug Addiction

Oxycontin, Xanax, Vicodin and Valium are the most commonly abused prescriptions in Montana. A large portion of the state’s population has also developed an Adderall dependency problem. The most popular causes of prescription drug addiction tend to include dishonest physician practices, person-to-person theft, pharmacy robberies, misuse of a legitimate supply an unregulated Internet sales where legitimate scripts aren’t even needed to obtain the pills. The diverse range of causes has created a faceless, ageless and gender-neutral population of prescription addicts in the state.

MT Club Drug Addiction

The most popular club drug in Montana continues to be molly, the rest are scarcely available and are abused by only a small fragment of the state’s population. Club drugs are given their name due to their close association with nightclubs and rave culture. They include MDMA (molly), GHB, LSD, Ketamine, and PCP. The majority of club drug abusers tend to be teenagers and young adults plugged into the state’s bar and nightclub scene. Club drugs have also infiltrated the state’s many colleges and universities, and is growing concern for authorities and prevention advocates.


Methamphetamine continues to dominate the Montana illegal drug market. It’s local production and distribution combined with an ample foreign supply has made it the number-one drug problem in the state. Other problems that have created the need for more focused drug and alcohol rehab efforts include an urgent prescription crisis and a steadily escalating crack cocaine situation. Treatment efforts that incorporate enforcement and clinical rehab are the quickest way for Montana to avoid being another casualty of the United States illegal drug war.

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