Missouri (MO) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Missouri hosts a wide variety of illicit substances. Controlled primarily by Mexican cartels, the Missouri illegal drug underground has an ample supply of crack and powder cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Recent substance abuse problems facing Missouri residents include illegal prescriptions and the presence of club drugs on college campuses and suburban neighborhoods. Illegal drugs are routed into Missouri mainly through Texas, Arizona and California, and are mostly moved throughout the state in private and commercial automobiles. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities are needed in every region of the state to adequately combat existing and emerging threats to citizens in all areas of the state. Every portion of the state’s population is vulnerable to substance abuse. Studies have illustrated an alarming increase in youth admissions to drug and alcohol rehab facilities, rendering the problem that much more urgent. Without a focused and comprehensive approach to this problem that equally incorporates enforcement and treatment, many of Missouri’s citizens will continue to succumb to the hazards and pit-falls of substance abuse and addiction.

MO Drug Rehab

The variety and quantity of Missouri’s illegal drug supply has necessitated heightened treatment efforts. Local drug rehab centers treat every type of addiction profile. The addiction care specialists at these facilities are equipped to deal with all different drug addictions, and will provide compassionate and professional care. There are numerous treatment options across the state for residents who feel they’re fighting a losing battle against substance abuse. No matter what circumstances brought you to this situation, there is hope.

MO Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is one of the biggest substance abuse problems in the state. It affects every type of citizen, and knows no stereotype. In an effort to effectively combat statewide alcoholism, officials and prevention advocates have established alcohol rehab facilities in every region. The professionals at most alcohol rehab centers will help you explore the root causes of your alcoholism, and help you develop coping and resistance strategies for those circumstances where interaction with alcohol is unavoidable.

MO Detox

Detox is the first step in any quality substance abuse treatment program. In order for patients to effectively face the rest of their rehab, they need to start with a clean and toxin-free system. The staff at most detox programs understand that comfort and withdrawal symptom management are two of the most important components of the process, and will work hard to mitigate the pains and illnesses that often come with battling substance abuse. Patients should have a friend or a loved one help them choose the right facility, as a poor choice can be extremely counter-productive.

MO Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs in Missouri, and is second only to methamphetamine in popularity. Marijuana abuse usually occurs in conjunction with that of other drugs. It affects practically every age group in the state, and has been cited as a stepping-stone to more dangerous substance behavior by many of the state’s recovering addicts. In addition to a generous supply smuggled in by Mexican drug trafficking organizations through states like Texas and California, Missouri is also home to a healthy amount of locally grown product.

MO Cocaine Addiction

Crack and powder cocaine are readily available in all regions of Missouri. The majority of Missouri’s cocaine supply comes through Chicago, New York, Texas, and California. Crack cocaine is particularly common in the state’s western and southwestern regions. Areas of Missouri that have fallen victim to widespread cocaine addiction are often plagued with crime, poverty gangland violence. The drug is usually moved through the state in commercial automobiles and sold in open-air markets. Despite growth in other areas, the number of cocaine-related deaths has fallen steadily in the state’s major cities.

MO Heroin Addiction

The most common variety of heroin found in Missouri is called Mexican “black tar.” Another type called Mexican brown heroin can also be found, but is far less common. Heroin addiction is affecting an increasingly younger portion of the state’s population. A recent spike in rehab admissions in the area indicates a steadily escalation of heroin addiction in St. Louis and other major cities. The number of heroin-related fatalities has also unfortunately increased in these areas. Newly discovered evidence of Southeast Asian heroin adds to the problem, and poses greater difficulty for officials and prevention advocates.

MO Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is the product of a two-pronged attack on Missouri's citizenry. In addition to the unabashed smuggling from outlying states, Missouri also houses numerous clandestine laboratories that produce limited runs of purer homegrown product. While law enforcement officials and prevention advocates have tried to stem the proliferation of these labs-and even banned some of the chemicals that are needed to make meth-there are still plenty to be found, particularly in the state’s rural regions. The Missouri methamphetamine trade has invited the presence of several violent gangs and criminal groups into the state.

MO Prescription Addiction

Oxycontin, Xanax, hydrocodone Lortab and diazepam are the most commonly abused prescription drugs in Missouri. Like all other states, the main causes of prescription drug addiction in Missouri include: theft, improper use of a legitimate supply, unscrupulous or incompetent physician practices and unregulated Internet sales. Since their infiltration, illegal prescriptions have accounted for more and more Missouri drug and alcohol rehab admissions. This form of substance abuse affects all classes, ethnicities and age groups, and has resulted in an alarmingly number of hospital admissions and fatalities.

MO Club Drug Addiction

Commonly used to describe the family of drugs consisting of MDMA (molly), GHB, Ketamine, LSD and PCP, the term "club drugs" was born from their association with nightclub and rave culture. Club drug addiction in Missouri has steadily grown in the past ten years, with ecstasy consisting ranking among the most popular in the family. Abusers tend to include adolescents, teenagers and young adults with expendable income. Club drugs have also managed to infiltrate many of the state’s college campuses, and show no signs of tapering off.


Cocaine and methamphetamine dominate the Missouri illegal drug landscape, as prescription drugs threaten more of the state’s population on a daily basis. Without the development of more drug and alcohol rehab facilities, and a comprehensive strategy to deal with these urgent and time-sensitive issues, Missouri residents of every background are left open to the fall-out of widespread illegal drug addiction.

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