Maryland (MD) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

The need for Maryland drug and alcohol rehab has always been a reality. Due to its major highways, convenient geographical location between two dominant illicit drug economies and economically diverse population, Maryland is widely utilized as a halfway point for distribution between the northern and southern parts of the east coast. Maryland (specifically Baltimore, as characterized in the critically acclaimed television show The Wire) is regarded by many experts as the heroin capitol of the United States, and its diverse cities and suburbs have welcomed the infiltration of other drugs, such as locally cultivated marijuana and molly. Maryland drug and alcohol rehab efforts need to be increased if the state’s citizens and government are to have any chance of getting their arms around the problem.

MD Drug Rehab

The long-standing ubiquity of heroin coupled with new and emerging prescription threats have long made drug rehab a necessity for many of Maryland's citizens. Luckily there are many quality facilities all over the state that will help you get back on your feet. The drug addict population of Maryland spans all cultural and economic backgrounds, and needs facilities geared toward such diversity. If you’re a Maryland resident looking to kick your drug addiction, you need to know the options that are available to you. We are always standing by, ready to pair you with a quality choice.

MD Alcohol Rehab

With its many bars, colleges and economically depressed citizens, Maryland has become something of a breeding ground for alcoholism. In response to this steadily increasing problem, officials have established more alcohol rehab facilities. Alcoholism is a problem best combated with competent clinical treatment. Thankfully there are numerous centers throughout Maryland that offer quality and lasting help. The sooner you seek independence from alcoholism, the sooner you will find it. The best and most effective route is expert help at a reputable alcohol treatment facility.

MD Detox

No matter what drug has brought you to the point of necessary treatment, you will not get very far without the benefit of total and definitive detox. Maryland is home to many reputable facilities that allow your body to safely expel the toxins that have gathered through your course of substance abuse. These programs offer professionalism, warmth and expert pain management. You will need a clean system to properly tackle the rest of the recovery process. Be sure to do your research when choosing your substance abuse detox program, as they tend to vary in quality. Patients are encouraged to call us so we can set them up with the best detox.

Major Drug Threats

The diversity of Maryland’s population has spawned interest in a frighteningly broad range of illicit drugs. While heroin continues to be the state’s main problem, the illegal pharmaceutical market is rapidly gaining ground. The invasion of these substances has rendered many areas of Baltimore unsafe to live or raise a family. The only real way to combat this multifaceted problem is with treatment and enforcement. An increase in the number of Maryland drug and Alcohol rehabs in conjunction with more vigorous criminal prosecution of distributors is the perfect first step.

MD Marijuana Abuse

Abused by almost all facets of Maryland’s population, marijuana is among the state’s more common and accessible illicit substances. Grown locally, primarily along the Eastern Shore and the farmlands of the western region, marijuana is also smuggled in via international DTOs and factions from the southwestern United States via aircraft and ground transportation through New York. Marijuana abuse affects everyone from adolescents to senior citizens, and is often just the starting point to a more lethal pathology of substance abuse.

MD Cocaine Addiction

Maryland has spent thirty years battling a fierce crack and powder cocaine epidemic. Especially common in Baltimore and surrounding areas, cocaine has led to the proliferation of violence, crime, prostitution and a host of other illegal activities. Along with the rising number of cocaine-related admissions to drug rehab facilities, the state has scene a steady increase in the number of crack-related deaths in the form of over-dose and murder. Experts and professionals continue to cite cocaine as one of the leading causes of drug treatment admissions.

MD Heroin Addiction

Arguably the most serious illegal drug problem facing the state, heroin addiction has been the bane of law enforcement and treatment advocates’ existence for the better part of the century. A matter of particular urgency around Baltimore and its surrounding areas, experts report that Maryland has a bigger heroin problem than almost any other state in the union. As this plague spills over into outlying counties of the Baltimore metro area, addicts are getting younger and younger, some as young 15 years of age. Usually distributed in tablets, heroin is sold in open-air markets and clandestine settings. The state also offers a purer form of heroin, which is marketed heavily to teens and young adults in the suburbs.

MD Methamphetamine Abuse

There is a thankfully small showing for methamphetamine in Maryland. Barring the seizure of a few homegrown labs during recent years, methamphetamine abuse remains a small and relatively manageable problem. The small bloc that actually does tend to abuse methamphetamine consists largely of club kids and suburban teenage males. Many experts believe that the problem will get worse without consistent monitoring and regular federal intervention. The amounts of product seized from the aforementioned lab raids tend to be small in quantity.

MD Prescription Drug Abuse

One of the problems that have caught the attention of law enforcement and patient advocates alike is the prescription drug abuse epidemic. Oxycontin continues to dominate as the prescription drug of choice for recreational abusers. Other club drugs such Xanax, Vicodin and Percocet also place in high in the running. The drugs are acquired through unscrupulous or incompetent physicians who irresponsibly prescribe them, as well as Internet retailers who dole the stuff out without a prescription. Another common cause of prescription drug abuse is pharmacy theft and overly curious children stealing legitimate supplies from their parent or guardian. Maryland’s urban areas, specifically Baltimore, have become a popular source area for the illegal obtainment of pharmaceuticals.

MD Club Drug Abuse

Cities like Baltimore have long been, and continue to be, ideal incubators for nightclub and rave culture. With this cultural phenomenon has come an onslaught of dangerous and illicit drugs. Commonly referred to as club drugs, MDMA (molly), GHB and LSD are the substances of choice for club-goers. They’re meant to enhance the whole experience, but often lead to delusions and paranoia. Mollyis far preferred to other drugs in this family. What’s unique about club drug abuse is the state’s working-class and comparatively low-income population of club drug abusers. A substance that’s been long associated with affluent suburban white kids, proliferation seems to have spread to other parts of Baltimore and the rest of the state.


The myriad illegal drug threats currently plaguing the state mandate the establishment of new drug and alcohol rehab programs. A combined approach of enforcement and treatment are truly the only way to deal with the epidemic currently claiming too many of Maryland’s citizens. Heroin is as easily accessible as the daily newspaper, while club drugs are spreading to unprecedented blocs of the state’s citizenry. The swift and immediate punishment of distributors coupled with the compassionate and quality treatment of victims is the best and most logical approach to solving this very real crisis.

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