Arizona (AZ) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of Problem

Drug and alcohol rehab has sadly become an integral part of the Arizona’s medical operations. Perhaps nowhere does the United States illegal drug war hit closer to home than Arizona. Sharing almost 400 miles of border with Mexico, the state has become a main artery for distribution, sales and abuse of every conceivable illicit substance. With this ever-present struggle has a come a tragic history of violent border wars, and a pathology of criminal activity. It’s also created the need for a vast network of drug and alcohol rehab facilities. Attempts have been made at the local and federal level to thwart this problem, including everything from increased border security to special task forces, and even a temporary moratorium on immigration. However, the disease goes on as Arizona fights to keep its citizens off drugs. It was recently reported that Arizona ranked second (only behind Texas) in volume and quantity of illegal drugs smuggled into the United States. Cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine are the leading causes of admissions to local drug and alcohol rehabs. Arizona serves as a nationally recognized hub for bi-coastal illegal drug transportation, and serves the whole country, from Jacksonville to Los Angeles.

AZ Drug Rehab

There’s a booming market for every kind of illegal drug in Arizona. As a result, prevention advocates have successfully lobbied for the establishment of more drug rehab programs. The diverse illegal drug threats that threaten Arizona’s citizens necessitate programs that can cater to a wide range of addiction behaviors and profiles. There are plenty of quality drug rehab facilities for patients who’ve lost their way, and have a genuine interest in finding it again. In a state with numerous potential pitfalls that threaten your sobriety, patients need an equally powerful force working in their favor. Most Arizonan drug rehab centers are effective and successful simply because they have to be.

AZ Alcohol Rehab

Arizona also happens to be home to a serious and widespread culture of alcoholism. Though the causes are not as clear-cut or easily identified as those of the illegal drug epidemic, the need for alcohol rehab continues throughout the state. Arizona is home to an economically and culturally diverse population. With this often comes different obstacles to overcome, which often lead to alcoholism. Combine these circumstances with the college culture that occupies many parts of the state, and the need for alcohol rehab becomes a bit clearer. Luckily Arizona is home to numerous safe and professional choices to help you kick your dependency on alcohol for good.

AZ Detox

Before a patient can fully experience the benefits of Arizona’s quality substance abuse treatment facilities, they must complete detox. Arizona detox facilities allow patients to embark on the life-long journey of recovery with a clear head and a clean system. Patients who are looking to begin their recovery by entering a detox program should have a friend or family member help them sift through their options. As with all other states, some Arizona detox facilities will fall short of what you need, and sometimes derail the sobriety for which you’ve been fighting so hard. Your health is too important to be compromised by a lazily or hastily selected program, particularly in a state with so many potential obstacles.

AZ Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is extremely popular and one of the easiest drugs to obtain in Arizona. Smuggled in primarily through Mexican cartels, regular seizures of large amounts of product suggest that Arizonan marijuana abuse remains steady. Mexican cartels use “mules,” usually coerced drug couriers, to safely ferry their product across the border. Once they get it across, the marijuana is divided up, purchased and distributed across the whole country by local and national drug trafficking organizations. Abuse spans all portions of the Arizona population, from teenagers to young adults to elderly professionals. Domestic and residential production compound Arizona's marijuana abuse problem.

AZ Cocaine Addiction

Both crack and powder cocaine have saturated the Arizona illegal drug market for decades. Though cocaine addiction poses a continued threat, the real problem has historically been Arizona’s status as a transshipment center. Many experts believe that if you can halt cartel operations in Arizona, you can strike a near-fatal blow to the national cocaine industry as a whole. Cocaine is smuggled in and moved throughout the country predominantly through private and commercial ground transportation. Crack cocaine in metropolitan areas has spawned an ugly culture of corruption, poverty and crime, and is controlled by gangs who often engage each other in bloody territorial battles.

AZ Heroin Addiction

Mexican or “black tar” heroin is the prevailing variety where local addiction is concerned. Smuggled through Mexico primarily via hikers, backpackers and private cars, heroin’s rock-bottom prices and vast accessibility have afforded it statewide popularity and patronage. The average Arizonan heroin addiction patient is getting younger and younger, with the drug now infiltrating schools and neighborhoods. Despite efforts from law enforcement and border security personnel, heroin addiction has only proliferated and is becoming a leading cause of rehab admissions.

AZ Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine threatens Arizona citizens on a foreign and domestic front. While the majority of local methamphetamine addiction manifests through abuse of Mexican product, there are innumerable clandestine homegrown laboratories, where abusers and distributors cook the stuff up right in their homes. The multi-layered problem of local and national production has been a source of great frustration for local and federal law enforcement. While there have been a considerable amount of high-volume seizures of over the past few years, private labs remain in full operation, and continue to perpetuate methamphetamine addiction.

AZ Prescription Addiction

One of the most immediate and serious substance abuse problems facing Arizona is the recreational abuse of prescriptions. Drugs like OxyContin, Xanax, Percocet and benzodiazepines are the leading causes of prescription medication addiction, accounting for over half of last year's drug rehab admissions in Arizona alone. Prescription medication addiction usually manifests through crooked physician practices, theft of legitimate prescriptions, pharmacy robberies and unregulated internet sales. Abusers know no age, culture or economic stereotype, and are growing in numbers.

AZ Club Drug Abuse

Thankfully there is a comparatively small presence of what are known as club drugs in Arizona. Club drugs are a category of narcotics including MDMA (also known as "molly"), GHB, and LSD, among others. Right now abuse is confined mainly to the state’s nightclub and bar scene; however, these drugs have been spotted more and more in colleges and universities, as well as the state's metropolitan areas. While they rank low in comparison with other drugs on Arizona’s crisis list, club drugs are present and available in Arizona.


The need for drug and alcohol rehabs in Arizona has never been more urgent. With foreign smugglers and domestic producers threatening the health of the state’s citizens on a consistent basis, Arizona needs more treatment options to keep its population sober. Vulnerable particularly along its borders, Arizona carries with it a responsibility to the rest of the country that experiences fallout from its illegal drug operations on a daily basis. The problem must be met, head-on with a proactive attitude toward eradication of the drugs, criminal prosecution of the distributors, and treatment for the victims of addiction.

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