Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is beneficial for patients of all ages who suffer from social and emotional disorders. It was designed to promote emotional growth through the simulation of various interaction scenarios, with horses as counterparts in those examples. The non-expectant and non-judgmental nature of horses makes them prime candidates on whom people with emotional disorders can practice metaphorical interaction scenarios. Equine-assisted psychotherapy allows patients to learn the distinction between proper and dysfunctional behavior and get a fuller understanding of what constitutes a healthy relationship. Among the more popular and proven forms of experimental therapy, equine therapy has been very successful in the world of child psychology.

How Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Works

Equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions are conducted with no more than eight patients at a time. Patients initiate interaction and establish relationships with horses. The process of nurturing the relationship and learning about social behavior continues over the course of therapy. The horse helps to establish emotional awareness through reactions to the patients’ behavior, enabling the patient to gain a fuller understanding of attitudes, relationships, emotions, and social boundaries. When the course of therapy is completed, patients reflect on what they’ve learned and apply it to the rest of their treatment, as well as their personal relationships outside of their program.

Benefits of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Patients who undergo equine-assisted psychotherapy experience numerous psychological benefits:

  • Development of social skills
  • Heightened empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Lessons in the dynamics of personal relationships
  • Lessons in the distinction between right and wrong behavior in social interactions
  • Helps patients establish trust and comfort with others

All equine therapy should be performed by a trained and licensed equine therapist for the optimal results and guaranteed safety. All reputable facilities will offer an expert staff and a safe environment.

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