Christian Drug Rehab

A Christian drug rehab program allows patients to use their faith to help them through their recovery. Through all of life’s obstacles, religious faith can be a tremendous source of inspiration. It can allow people to draw upon strengths they never knew they had, and addiction recovery is no exception. Christian drug rehab is part of the faith-based drug treatment philosophy.  It’s so appealing because it gives patients something on which to focus - something to live for.  Patients extract their willpower from scripture and from their faith to get them through the difficult treatment process. Many programs offer quality Christian support through traditional rehab methods, church services, bible study groups, etc. Christian drug rehab has proven enormously effective in the sustained sobriety of recovering addicts. Its combination of the 12-step philosophy, with its concept of "service to a higher power," and focus on religion-oriented activities have made it one of the more popular forms of alternative drug therapy.

What Is the Process of Christian Drug Rehab?

The beginnings of the Christian drug rehab process are just like those of traditional rehabs. A patient will undergo detoxification and psychotherapy under the supervision of qualified health professionals. After that, there are numerous methods employed in an effort to keep patients clean and focused on service to their community and God, such as regular community church services, weekend retreats, group therapies, various community enterprises, fundraisers, etc. Graduates of Christian rehabs often wind up becoming more active members in their church than when they started their program.

The Inherent Philanthropy of Christian Drug Rehab

Since there are those without the financial means to enroll in a quality traditional rehab, a number of churches and faith-based groups have set up free Christian drug rehab programs as part of their philanthropic efforts. Usually acquired through fundraising and community-oriented events, separate funds allocated to rehab programs assure that the care is every bit as good as that of a reputable traditional drug rehab center. These programs are open to any addict willing to embrace the tenets of Christian-based therapy, and exhibit a positive attitude toward recovery and personal empowerment.

Don’t Delay – Get Help with the Power of Christian Drug Rehab

If you or someone close to you needs help defeating their drug addiction, and is willing to put their service to God before servicing their habit, please call us. The National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC) maintains a continuously updated national database of the leading Christian drug rehab centers in the United States.

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