Specialized Programs

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not a uniform condition. It affects everyone differently and should be treated according to each patient’s individual care needs. The National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center offers referral to a variety of specialized addiction care programs that allow patients access to customized treatment. These programs enable patients to address both the causes and effects of their addictions, and offer a totality of healing that is needed if they’re to successfully achieve lasting recovery. Please review our menu of specialized program referrals, and call us immediately if you feel they fit the treatment needs of you or your loved one.

Christian Drug Rehab

A Christian drug rehab program allows patients to use their faith to help them through their recovery. Through all of life’s obstacles, religious faith... Read More

Mood Disorder Treatment

Mood disorders are characterized by chemical and mental imbalances that trigger extremities in mood, demeanor, and attitude. The two most common forms... Read More

Dual Diagnosis and Co-occurring Disorders

Some rehab programs are specially designed for patients who are afflicted with co-occurring disorders, i.e. a substance abuse problem in conjunction... Read More

Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency - EDCD

The link between eating disorders and chemical dependency was clearly established back in the 1990s, when Columbia University’s National Center on... Read More

Professional Athlete Substance Abuse Rehab

The goals of professional athlete substance abuse rehab are many and varied. It exists to treat athletes who are in chronic pain from past and present... Read More

Drug-Free Pain Management

Pain management is important for chronic pain sufferers, particularly those who suffer from past addiction. Chronic pain is when the sufferer feels... Read More

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is beneficial for patients of all ages who suffer from social and emotional disorders. It was designed to... Read More


One of the most common results of drug or alcohol abuse is driving under the influence (DUI). Every year, countless intoxicated drivers claim the lives... Read More


Codependency Within the Context of Addiction Codependency, in the context of addiction, refers to the overt and harmful emotional... Read More

Trauma Recovery

Trauma recovery cases are among the most unfortunate in the mental health field. Trauma recovery patients often fall into a pattern of severe emotional... Read More

Jewish Drug Rehab

Jewish drug rehab is one of many kinds of faith-based treatment, offering specific courses of therapy for Jewish addicts who seek sobriety... Read More

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Much of the hardship of early and continued sobriety can be attributed to a condition called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). PAWS is triggered... Read More

Airline Pilot Rehab

Airline pilots consistently deal with high levels of stress due to tight flying schedules, safety concerns, and their responsibility for hundreds of... Read More

Baby Boomer Addiction Treatment

Specialized Addiction Care for Baby Boomers Despite the popular image of drug and alcohol abuse and those that suffer from it, it is a problem that... Read More

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