I did receive a reply

I did receive a reply. At my most desperate and lonely moment, feeling very much a failure as a mother, an Angel called me almost immediately after I hit the SEND button. This wonderful woman talked to me as though we were family and gave me so much information. She stayed on the phone with me through my tears, fears, and multitude of questions. She may be the very person responsible for saving my daughter's life and regrettably, I don't even know her name. By following this woman's step by step advice, my daughter now has an AA sponsor, is attending her 2nd AA meeting, and is at this moment reading her 'Blue Book'. She is on day 2 of sobriety after 11 months of daily drinking from morning to night, passing out, and starting over the next morning.

The call came so quickly, it was as though it had been hot-wired from Heaven Above. If there is any possible way you can find out who this woman was, please let her know that her kindness and genuine concern saved two lives that late night. Less than one second later, I would have pulled a trigger and ended my misery.

Michele W., Jacksonville, FL

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