Family Intervention

It's only right for me to thank you for responding so quickly and professionally to my family's distress and desire for me to seek treatment. The surprise I felt after walking out of my bedroom that morning and seeing everyone in my living room was a shock that made me finally realize the gravity of my situation. It was the intervention that you arranged for my family that allowed me to see what I was doing for the first time to everyone who loved and cared about me. For the first time I truly understood the emotional and physical destruction my addiction was causing myself and all of the loved ones around me. It has been a difficult road thus far since I haven't used heroin in six months, but I'll always remember what I learned in treatment; and that my daily struggle and abstinence from using is the proof itself that I can live a substance free life. Thank you once again for your critical role in starting my recovery.

Daniel D., Conshohocken, PA

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