Prescription Drug Detox

If you've fallen into prescription drug addiction, the first thing you need to do is undergo a thorough prescription detox. Lingering toxins and substances that are allowed to stay in your system can cause severe physical and mental damage. The faster you're able to detox, the sooner you can begin to embrace the recovery process. Prescription drug detox is best administered by qualified professionals who are experienced in mitigating withdrawal symptoms. The process should be conducted in a sterile facility where patients can have safety and support.

The Importance of Quality Prescription Drug Detox and Follow-Up Drug Treatment

Prescription drug detox is the first step toward victory over addiction. It’s the process by which the patient works to overcome their physical dependency. Detoxification cleanses the system and further prepares the patient for comprehensive drug addiction treatment, but it can be accompanied by severe, sometimes debilitating withdrawal periods. This is why it’s important that seek professional assistance, rather than attempting to detox on their own. A credentialed and reputable detox center can help offset the worst parts of your withdrawal, so you can focus on beating your prescription drug addiction. Do not attempt any rapid detox or ultra rapid detox from prescription drugs. Common symptoms of prescription withdrawal include, but are not limited to: anxiety and depression, mood swings, restlessness and irritability, chills, etc.

Types of Prescription Drug Detox

Depending upon the patient’s individual situation, there are a number of prescription drug detox methods available. Natural and medical detox are the two most commonly used (and most effective) methods.

Natural Detox - When a patient chooses to try and quit the drugs by themselves without the benefit of any medication. They cease their drug use, and are then monitored closely by medical and psychological professionals. The withdrawal process of natural detox can be difficult.

Medication-Assisted Detox - Medical professionals administer medications to help ease the withdrawal process so patients are made as comfortable as possible during their detox period. One of the most common forms of medication-assisted detox is methadone. While the withdrawal process can still be difficult, symptoms are eased considerably with the help of medical drugs.



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