Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is an incredibly addictive drug, the use of which just once can cause the user to experience withdrawal symptoms. Its continued use has become more and more common in recent decades, with its detoxification regimen being one of the hardest to successfully complete. Use of cocaine just once can increase dopamine levels in the brain, significantly decrease appetite, and cause tremors, muscle spasms, dizziness, vertigo, elevated heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature changes, etc. While initial use is dangerous enough, prolonged and regular abuse of cocaine will often require the user to use more and more of the drug in order to experience the same sensations and feelings each time—creating a recipe for disaster. 

Without the Right Cocaine Detox Program

Cocaine leaves a lasting and damaging mark on the system. In addition to cocaine detox and treatment, there are immediate medical concerns the patient might need to have addressed from past and continued use, including: respiratory and cardiovascular problems, chances of strokes and seizures, fever or blurred vision, gastrointestinal complications, muscle twitches, convulsions. etc.. If these problems are left untreated, they could potentially kill the patient. Prolonged inhalation through the nose also causes nosebleeds, nasal irritation, loss of sense of smell and often the need for surgery. The combination of cocaine and alcohol is responsible for a considerable amount of drug-related fatalities.

The Specialized Nature of Cocaine Detox

Like all other forms of addiction recovery, it’s important to start with a clean system. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be devastating and the relapse rates are considerable. Your best chance of beating your cocaine addiction is to seek treatment from a reputable treatment center. When it comes to your health and getting clean from cocaine, you don’t want to go to the cheapest facility you can find. Would you choose your heart surgeon based solely on price? Your first goal should be quality treatment, starting with the best quality cocaine detox.

What to Look for in Successful Cocaine Detox Programs

Cocaine addiction treatment is most effective when the patient is treated with formal therapy upon completion of the cocaine detoxification process. Once the patient’s physical condition improves and their system is clean, they should be placed in an all-encompassing supportive cocaine rehab treatment facility that utilizes a combination of behavioral, educational, and redemptive therapies. When choosing any drug rehab treatment program, it is always important to choose a drug rehab treatment facility that stresses the behavioral health aspect of treatment. 

In cases where they don’t have a supportive network of family and friends, patients are strongly encouraged to attend outpatient therapy and 12 step support group meetings to strengthen their chances of staying clean. The National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC) maintains a continuously updated national database of cocaine detox centers in your local area, as well as the leading recommended cocaine detox centers in the United States and around the world. Do not attempt any rapid detox or ultra rapid detox from cocaine.

Contact the National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC) anytime toll-free at (800) 784-6776 or through our online form, and we will recommend the leading drug and alcohol rehab centers for you or your loved one.