Ativan Detox

Ativan detox is a crucial element of the treatment process. A powerful benzodiazepine, Ativan is used as a sedative or mild tranquilizer, and can be extremely difficult to quit. Often used in the treatment of nervous or anxiety disorders, Ativan poses multiple threats because of users’ inclinations to develop both physical and emotional dependencies on the drug.

Ativan’s Destructive Capabilities

The psychological element of Ativan addiction makes treatment by a qualified mental health professional an absolute necessity both during and after Ativan detox. Ativan is capable of inflicting considerable on your body. In addition to the devastating effects to your central nervous system, symptoms of Ativan addiction can include: extreme lethargy, reduced muscle strength, drowsiness, hypnotic states, coma, and, in the most extreme cases, death.

Ativan Withdrawal

Ativan withdrawal may lead to other serious health problems. The strain placed on the body and the mind can be a challenging ordeal. This is why it’s critical that detox be administered in a place where severity of symptoms can be mitigated, and any and all eventualities can be addressed. Ativan withdrawal symptoms can include: convulsions, severe abdominal cramps, tremors, muscle pain, vomiting, body aches, etc. Users who seek a way out of their Ativan addiction are encouraged to seek a qualified detox specialist’s advice before completely stopping use of the drug. The shock to the system from abrupt cessation could have lasting and extremely dangerous results.

Let Us Help You Do Your Homework

There are a great deal of Ativan detox facilities around the country, but not all of them have the same philosophies or have the same resources. Where you choose to undergo your Ativan detox is one of the many important decisions you’ll make during your recovery.

The Importance of Immediate Action

The mental hold Ativan can take over a person can be damaging and life-altering. Let clarity prevail, and let today be the day you choose to fight back against your addiction. If you or a loved one is suffering from Ativan addiction, every day counts. The longer a user goes without treatment, the harder detox will be. The National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC) maintains a continuously updated national database of Ativan detox centers in your local area, as well as the leading recommended Ativan detox centers in the United States. Do not attempt any rapid detox or ultra rapid detox from Ativan.

Contact the National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC) anytime toll-free at (800) 784-6776 or through our online form, and we will recommend the leading drug and alcohol rehab centers for you or your loved one.