My Freshmen Part-time Job: Selling Pet Meds (Doggie Dope) to Fellow Students

Before I began recovery at my drug treatment center, I started a part-time job working as a tech at the local veterinarian office. I didn't think much more of it than as a way simple way to make some money while putting myself through college here in the northeast. Looking back on it I would say I started out as a bit of a partier, but never the out of control inebriated college kid that I saw many of my freshmen friends quickly becoming. One day when I was at work, I remember looking at the massive quantity of pet meds, tranquilizers, and other controlled substances in the storage room. I innocently began pondering about how much money this stuff must cost, and there was just so much of it, just sitting there with easy access to me.

Eventually as the semester progressed my money started getting tight, I was at school on a scholarship, unlike most of the students I knew came from families with money. I started to think when I was at work each day I could easily steal some of the pet meds and sell them to kids at school. At the time it seemed like such a simple and effortless way to make money. I had a built in set of customers with all the students I knew who liked to party almost every single night. I tried my plan out with some ketamine and other miscellaneous animal tranquilizers that I had smuggled out of the office and sold everything within just a few days. I thought to myself wow that was easy! I had made the easiest cash I had ever put in my purse, and since I was stealing everything, it was all pure profit. Almost immediately I had created a following of pill hungry freshman. Everyone seemed to more than willing to spend both their text book money and mommy & daddy's spending money on whatever pet meds I could put in front of them. What had started out as just a planned onetime theft of some animal drugs from work, became a twice a week theft in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand I had created at my school. I remember thinking that my broke college student days of struggling were a thing of the past. The End.

Of course as everyone knows stories like this never end just like that. At least I am not aware of happy endings to stories like this, not in the long run anyway. So what happened to me is probably all too predictable to anyone reading this. It wasn't long before I tried sampling some of the merchandise myself, so to speak. I had tried a couple of the new cat tranquilizers one night and wound up completely blacking out. I woke up the next day (luckily) feeling like I had just ingested poison (which I guess I basically did), and had all these bruises and scrapes all over me from God knows what. But even with that scare, I ignored the obvious wakeup call I got and just continued on my downward spiral from drug abuse to drug addiction. I quickly joined all of my customers and began spending all of my drug income on every kind of drug that I could get my hands on. Since I needed to keep stealing more and more pills to satisfy both my customers (and now my own habit too) I lost my job for what they called suspicious behavior. Having no money or desire to do anything except to get high all the time I also lost my scholarship and eventually my education all together. I started dipping to all-time lows to get my fix and crashing with whoever I could each night. I was infuriated and hated myself for allowing myself to become a bigger user than my customers. But still I continued to indulge my drug addiction rather than try and seek any professional help at a drug treatment center.

I now consider the day when my family held a professional intervention for me and I agreed to go to a drug treatment center the day that saved my life. I wasn't the least bit confident in myself on the way to my forced vacation in Florida, mainly since I sold doggie dope to kids who had already been to rehab. My parents assured me they had an excellent recommendation for one of the best drug treatment centers in the country and they were going to help me get clean, and stay clean too.

Just a few days after finishing the sobering detox phase at my drug treatment center I suddenly felt like I was reintroduced to an old friend, my former drug free self. It was actually the first clear minded substance free thought I had in over a year, and I really started believing in my chances for recovery. I can only say that every day since then has been a self-educational experience and a real blessing that I'm so grateful for. I've been savoring this 2nd chance at life, through the ups and downs of everyday life, with every passing moment. I have learned how to identify and effectively deal with the potential triggers that often sabotage people in recovery and cause them to relapse.

Now one year later I am sober and have resumed my education (at a different college). Every day I become more confident that I can live my life clean and sober.

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