My Drug Addiction Treatment & My Diabetes

Before my drug addiction treatment, I was addicted to crack cocaine. Also, a type 1 diabetic, my addiction was taking a very large toll on my body. My wife could tell that I had become careless about checking my blood sugar and maintaining my health the way that diabetes demands. I was more than fortunate that she cared enough about me that she gave up much of her own personal life, just to check my blood sugar for me and take care of me when I got sick. I think she suspected that I was using some type of drugs. It was many years of using before she said anything to me about it. She encouraged me to get some drug addiction treatment but I was scared. I didn't want to admit that I had a problem. But I had a real problem. I can't believe I let it get to the point that it did, the point at which I did not take of myself, the point at which I got so careless that I did not even check my blood sugar.

I spent three days in a coma.

It was a direct result of not paying attention to my blood sugar levels. The nurses told me that my wife never left my side. I owe my life to my wife. She could have left my side at any time. She could have left my side when she found out that me and my son (her stepson) were drug buddies. She could have left my side when I refused to go to drug addiction treatment. Any time would have been socially acceptable for her to move on. She could have left me. And a lot of days it blows my mind that she decided to stay. She stayed true to our vows and never gave up on me.

Since leaving my drug addiction treatment, we have retaken our vows. I vowed never to put my wife through that kind of he'll again. I vowed to be a better partner. I vowed to take care of myself so that we could live a long, healthy life together. I vowed to never use again and mo importantly to never use with or enable my son to use again.

We were drug buddies instead of father and son. We would use together, swap drugs, take turns buying drugs for one another. We did not have a healthy relationship. My therapists during my drug addiction treatment explained that we were codependent. After leaving drug addiction treatment, I encouraged my son to get help at the same facility that I had just graduated from. He agreed to go and is currently involved. I can't wait to see what our relationship can be now that we will both be sober. I am so lucky to be alive today.

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