In the End, It's Up To You To Accept That You Need Help

As someone who spent four years battling alcoholism, I can tell you that your family and friends can only do so much to help you. You have to do the bulk of the work, and want to get clean for yourself. Having said that, I can also say that certain facilities are better at motivating patients than others and provide a more supportive environment. Patients who enter rehab because they feel they're being "forced" to get clean are entering for the wrong reasons, and will very often wind up fighting a losing battle as soon as they walk through that proverbial revolving door.

It took several years and as many attempts at treatment before I finally realized what I was doing wrong. I was just going through the motions to appease the people in my life and avoid guilt, but I wasn't feeling any of it I was never going to stop drinking, but I couldn't admit that to anyone but myself. After leaving my last program, I relapsed too weeks later and was convinced that was that--the next step would probably be jail, divorce and other unknown possible bad consequences caused by my drinking problem.

I live by the Jersey shore area and one night I was driving home drunk from a local bar and lost control of my car, and nearly took out a group of kids walking on the side of the road. I somehow made it home without hitting anything, and most importantly, not hitting anyone. It really was the first time I realized that I could have legitimately killed someone and they were just children on top of everything. I couldn't stop thinking to myself that maybe I wouldn't be so lucky the next time I was driving home drunk. Right then something clicked inside of me and I knew that I had to try to get help for my drinking.

I researched online and found a website that referred me to what sounded like a good alcohol rehab. It turned out to be an excellent alcohol rehab in my opinion because I have not touched a drop of liquor since I went there two and half years ago. This alcohol rehab center used an holistic treatment which I guess was the right type of treatment to help me. I had to work through many underlying psychological issues from my childhood that I never resolved growing up. I guess I never realized how they had led me to use alcohol as a crutch whenever I felt stressed out or wanting to avoid conflict.

I've had the good fortune of my wife's forgiveness and the chance to wake up next to her every day after 15 years of marriage. Recovery really is something you have to want for yourself. Don't wait until something catastrophic happens as a result of your drinking that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

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