I Almost Struck Out

Call it a miracle, call it a long-overdue revelation, call it desperation, but I was able to break free from alcoholism only after two unsuccessful stints in rehab, a failed marriage and three estranged children. The difference between the my other two failed attempts to stop drinking and my third attempt (being the charm), was I finally went to the right alcohol rehab.

For as much as I loved drinking, I knew I was in a hopeless situation during my more lucid moments. I would curse God for plaguing me with addiction, never bothering to turn the blame inward. Throughout my 10 years of alcohol abuse, it rarely crossed my mind that what I was doing was my fault, and that is what ultimately led to my alienation from both my wife and my three daughters. I missed it all: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, you name it. Nothing was more important to me than drinking and I made sure everyone knew it. I did what I had to do as husband and father, and nothing more. I didn't provide a loving environment or even take an interest in what my family did. I worked, and provided them a fairly comfortable lifestyle. So it shouldn't have come as a big shock to me when my kids hardly ever contacted me after they got out of school and moved away from our home in Hamilton, NJ.

Looking back that is probably what it took to have me really stop and think that I really did need to stop drinking. As I thought about my life I finally could see the nightmare my life had become. It was at that moment of clarity that I decided to get professional help to try and stop drinking and hopefully turn my life around.

My initial attempts to stop drinking with professional help didn't go so well. I wound up immediately relapsing after leaving the facilities of the first two alcohol rehab centers I tried, even though they had assured me that they were the best and had the highest success rates. I told myself I will give it one more try and than I am throwing in the towel. I had the old three strikes and your out mentality.

That is when I saw a TV commercial and contacted the alcohol rehab from the TV commercial they are located in Florida. I told them my story I asked if they could get me to really stop drinking, even after I left their facility. True to their word I have not touched a drop of liquor since I graduated from their alcohol rehab program over a year ago.

Their treatment got to the root of the problem and provided me with insight to why I always turned to alcohol for comfort. I never thought I could benefit from talking to a stranger, but it turns out that's exactly who I had to talk to before trying to mend fences with my family.

Each day of sobriety that I celebrate gives me the chance to feel a little prouder of myself. I've worked hard to bring my family back together, and am on more than amicable terms with all of my daughters. It seemed like I was destined to let alcoholism win, but with a little faith, self-realization and expert alcohol treatment, I was able to reverse my destiny.

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