Help For Drug Addiction Led To My Salvation

That I am able to sit here and tell my story is nothing short of a miracle. I spent two years putting my body through hellish torture, forcing it to adjust to my addition and desperately operate on survival mode in order to stay alive. They say meth never leaves you; that it stays in everything it touches, including your body forever. Luckily for me, that doesn't appear to be the case. Only by the grace of God, the wisdom and compassion of family who got me help for drug addiction and the amazing skill of my treatment doctors and therapists was I able to find that out.

When I was 19 years old I started doing meth. Pills were getting too expensive and I wanted to keep getting high. I had a friend who operated a lab in a detached garage at his stepfather's house when he was out of town for work. Eventually we became partners, and for a while we were making more money than we knew what to do with. I lived in Georgia at the time and we were the only game in town for miles. After about a year and a half, the lab got raided and my friend was sent to jail for three years.

At the time I was so relieved that he didn't implicate me that I didn't worry about where I was going to get my supply from going forward. Eventually my body reminded that I had indeed become an addict, and once my reserves ran out, I started going through crazy withdrawal. I can remember hitching (my car didn't work) to Atlanta one night to see a dealer I had met a few months prior. I could by the look he gave me that even he was surprised by what the meth had done to my face.

I spent that weekend in Atlanta and the next night I went to a bar high out of my mind. I only remember bits and pieces from the time I was there but I'm told that I got really crazy and started breaking glasses left and right. I woke up a few hours later outside the bar, which had closed. I rode the train thinking two things: 1.That I broke at least three ribs and 2. That it was time to get help for drug addiction. That week I went down to Florida to my uncle's house who said he would pay for me to get treatment.

I didn't think I was ready for the commitment that rehab took. Detox alone almost caused me to give up. But every day I was getting stronger and stronger, which I found remarkable based on what I'd been through. I was amazed that my body and my mind could sharpen despite what I'd done to it. The 30 days I spent in drug treatment have enabled to stay clean of my drug addiction now for one year and counting.

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