Finding Solace with Cocaine Treatment

I think the most valuable lesson that I have learned -- via family therapy -- since my sister was admitted to a rehab for her cocaine treatment is that the only way to help an addict is to allow them to feel the pain they have created. I used to give my sister sole credit for her manipulation tactics but then I learned that it is not only a trait that my sister possesses, but a trait that many addicts possess: the ability to divide and conquer. She divided and conquered my family for many years prior to her cocaine treatment. She pitted us all against each other as we wrestled with different ways to get her to accept cocaine treatment.

All of my family members were concerned with keeping her alive but all of us did not agree on the ways to go about doing that. We all knew that she desperately needed cocaine treatment but some of us gave up on the possibility of her ever admitting herself into a rehab while others of us never gave up hoping that she would eventually check herself in. Some of us were trying to get her to hit rock-bottom, homeless and penniless. Some of us were trying to do everything we could to get her the money she needed for whatever she needed including cocaine. The different theories and strategies for keeping my sister alive were slowly but surely, ironically, killing my family unit. Everything that we came to know about being a family and being together had changed. I look back and I remember that for a long time, there was no together time or family time during those years no matter the day or holiday. We never spent any time together during the height of my sister's addiction because most of us could not stand to be in the same room with each other that was how big the divide was between our opinions. The divide and conquer was so successful that my sister was still able to get the things she needed from us on an individual basis, no matter whether we were interacting with one another or not. In this way, my sister had maximized her drug money income. It was not until we could come together as a unit and agree to stop enabling her addiction. We allowed her to feel the pain that she created; specifically, to feel the pain of financial strain, of homelessness, of poverty. She no longer had any financial means to fuel her addiction so she agreed to begin cocaine treatment.

Recalling all of this, and explaining here in this blog, does still make me upset. However, I do know that this is all in the past. It must stay in the past. We can bookmark it, dog-ear it like the corner of a page in a favored book but we must not dwell on it any longer. We should not forget what we have learned on our own, nor forget what we've learned as a family, regarding our past but we must focus on being a family unit again; for, when my sister returns from her cocaine treatment she will need all the support we have to offer. Of course, we have more support to offer as a unit than as a group of individuals which is why so many years went by before we could successfully get my sister admitted to a rehab for cocaine treatment.

I have connected with other people who have family members also seeking cocaine treatment. My family and I have been able to reach a solace about the situation; I have hope for the healing that I know our family can attain now that my sister has admitted her powerlessness over her addiction and her desperate need for cocaine treatment.

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