Drug Rehab Lessons

When I was in drug rehab, I learned a lot about my addiction. I learned the reasons why I was acting the way I was acting and why those unhealthy habits had formed. Maybe I always knew the reason why but without drug rehab, I would have never been able to face the addictions nor the habits. They explained to me that taking crushed OxyContin tablets leads to rapid absorption and a potentially fatal dose of Oxycodone. This I knew, I think. I think I knew this on a logical level but my addiction made me feel invincible. I never thought that the drugs would kill me. Because of my injuries, I had convinced myself that I needed the medicines. The doctors would not be writing me prescriptions for my injuries and my arthritis if I didn't need them, right?

Well, the doctors also didn't write me the prescriptions so that I would crush them and snort them, either.

In addition to my Percocet and OxyContin, I also had prescriptions for Xanax and Valium for my anxiety. Only, I didn't always feel like I needed the anxiety medicine if I took enough OxyContin that day. So, eventually, when I realized my prescriptions were running out faster than they should, I figured that I could sell the Xanax and Valium in order to pay for more Oxys.

When I was in drug rehab, I felt comfortable there because I felt like I was no longer alone. That was a feeling that I never expected to experience. Having chronic pain for nearly a decade was something that nobody close to me could understand or even begin to relate with. More importantly, they made me feel empowered enough to overcome my addiction. They made me feel like I could out down the pills and still live a life without pain and anguish and depression.

Pill addiction is so real and so rapid. Before you know it, you're spiraling out and taking more pills than what was prescribed. You get to the point where you realize that if you just take one more pill, you'll be able to relax, the pain will go away. But before you know it, you have to take another pill and another pill, just to keep up with the withdrawal pains. That's what happened to me. That's what has happened to millions of Americans. The best advice I could give to an addict suffering from chronic pains and/or injuries is to get help and get help now! Drug addiction is a very serious matter and your best chance of overcoming it is to get help at a reputable and recommended drug rehab center. I hope you will follow my advice and find out for yourself that it is possible to live life without painkillers. And, it is a better life than you have ever known. I promise.

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