Addiction Recovery Stories

Back In Good Graces

After I lost my car, my job and the love of my life, I still hadn’... Read More

Nightmare in Atlantic City

A large alimony settlement isn’t always to one’s... Read More

They Won’t Tell You They Need Help

If you’re waiting for your addicted... Read More

Checked Out

People are always saying that family is the most important thing there is; that,... Read More

The Year-Round Promise

It seems like every year around this time, people are angling... Read More

Hard of Healing

Growing up I had an Idyllic life: a great family, lots of friends, plenty of... Read More

Can I Really Be Saved?

The answer to this question is “yes.” Take it from someone... Read More

Forgiving without Forgetting

I let fear and shame govern a good portion of my... Read More

Decades of Addiction

At what point do you stop? At what do you finally say enough is... Read More

At A Crossroads

When I was 23 years old, I was presented with a choice: enter rehab or lose... Read More

Growing Up, Not Giving Up

In my experience, there really is no preparing for addiction... Read More

Looking Forward To It

I just expected everybody to recognize that I needed help. I... Read More

The Promise I Had to Keep

Everybody has their own idea about what addiction is... Read More

Forgiving Yourself

The way people look at you when they find out you have an alcohol... Read More

A Taste of Victory

When I was in treatment I had a lot of time to thinking about exactly... Read More

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